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Jiro’s nose bleeds when filming, and still amuse himself by taking his own pictures

Fahrenheit becoming popular, Jiro Wang Dong Cheng did not catch more than 2 hours of sleep a day. Juggling both singing and acting, after returning to Taiwan from Mainland after promoting for album, he immediately have to enter the filming process for “The X-Family”. Yesterday when they filmed till 4am in the morning, his nose bled out some blackish blood, Wang Dong Cheng was so shocked and thought he had contracted some weird disease.

The staff quickly sent him to hospital for emergency treatment, Jio’s nosebleed, is not for a day only, but it’s consecutively bleeding for seven days , he felt very scared, however, he had been through many hardships and is a child who knows how to humour himself, he said, “When female celebrities film dramas, they often trouble about their monthly (period), and here I am troubling because of the bleeding here.” Jiro sigh loudly, in the past when I’m not famour, there’s worries and troubles being not famous, now I discover, “Being famous actually have to pay the price of bleeding” For the past half a year, I don’t even have two hours of sleep each day, the physical torture had caused Jiro to be ill and uncomfortable all over the body. He sang until he lost his voice, act until nose blood. When he went to hospital for check up, Jiro said to the doctor, acting in “X-Family”, no kissing scene, no bed scene, and don’t even have fighting scene, how will he act until his nose bleed? What’s more, after bleeding for a week, it stopped for a while and the bleeding comes back again, why was it like this? The doctor used his hand to press the two sides of Jiro’s nose, he shouted out in pain, when he check the inner side of the nostrils, the doctor told him, “Your inner corner of your nose is swollen and getting thicker, you will bleed out blackish blood, is because the dried blood that collect in your nose comes in contact with the moisture in the air.” The doctor suggested, everyday when Jiro wakes up, must use tap water to wash his nostrils, if feel giddy, must check the inner side of the nose, put on mouth mask when outdoors, to prevent the small veins inside from bursting again. Jiro Wang going to the hospital for consultation, even the nurses love him. All wanted to take up the job of helping him measure the blood pressure. The nurses are all very responsible, only until Jiro Wang finish collecting his medicine did they rush up to request for his signature.

After seeing the doctor, he returned to the filming scene to continue filming, Huang Xiao Rou who acted as his sister in the show was not feeling well because her ‘good friend’ (aka period) came, she half-jokingly tease, “I’m bleeding below and you’re bleeding on top.” Both comfort each other and gave encouragement.
CREDIT: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/4c8e7cfb0100094o

aww poor Jiro 🙁

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