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Jiro updated his blog!

A little more courage, a little more motivation

Having walked many nights, I think, I really need some courage.
A little more, to allow myself to continue
No matter physically or mentally, all can continue going on
Am I optimistic? Maybe it is only my own fragile innermost being, hoping to pretend to be strong on the outside
Pretending not to make others worry, and let others not detect I am constantly smiling

I like the sun shining on me, that feeling is just like the sky is giving me encouragement,
Just like they are always by my side encouraging me
Realised that I am getting weaker, but till the end, I still depend on myself to get up
There’s not enough time to enjoy a clear sky without worries, just like the unfair rain cloud that shrouded the whole place
Just like tonight’s rainstorm invading the skies continuously, the deafening sounds of raindrops hitting the rooftop
Each and every sound deeply hit my unprepared and withered emotions
Longing to develop the ability to let me walk through this merciless storm
Let me hold that first light of dawn again, giving me warmth on my palms
Is it I did not put in effort? Or is it I’m not able to strive for it?
I will step up my pace And make my forge ahead

–translated by piperly @ asianfanatics.com

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  • Ooh, wait. I forgot. *kicks self* I’ll tell you when I remember T___T And his blog is in Mandarin btw. Someone from LJ / Asianfanatics translates his blog in english ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jiro wang,yur so lovable.yur so cute,i wish u n’ yur bnd FAHRENHEIT n’ รคlso S.H.E cn go hre in the philippines n’ hve a concert here.FAHRENHEIT n’ S.H.E hve mny fans hre.Thanks

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