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Dadong’s blog again :D

A much clearer sky, is really a wonderful feeling

These few days it has still been raining
But it is quietly turning clear, I guess it is because of everyone
During the recent media events, I have been able to see everyone
Seeing everyone here giving us and Dadong (me) support
The rain is heavy But everyone is so enthusiastic The sight of everyone carrying umbrellas
I can’t bear to see all of you in the rain
Sometimes I feel that you are all silly Why must you all make yourselves so tired?
However, I am already feeling so touched & speechless by everyone
True enough, It is lucky to have everyone I feel that whatever I am doing now
Seeing everyone here my whole body is full of energy Even if I am feeling tired or at a loss
When I think of everyone’s face here, everyone’s smile, I feel so blessed
Everyone coming from all parts of Taiwan, from Hong Kong, from China, from Japan, from different parts of the world
Really, really, Dadong feels extremely blessed
My mum always tells me that, “You are a very fortunate child; Apart from my love, there are still many others who loves you.”
Yes, I must work even harder, be more attentive, and take more notice of every little details

Oh yes, I must tell everyone this; Car-chasing is really something that I do not encourage
Aside from holding up traffic, to yourselves, to others, it is a very dangerous thing to do.
Alright? You all are grown up, must be sensible. OK~~~ Safety is Number One~~~

Oh, one more thing. Dadong got a rare chance to have a few days off recently
Of course, it is because The X Family has finished filming
Moreover, It Starts With A Kiss 2 is still filming scenes at Kaoshiung at the moment
Ah, manage to take a few days holiday
Therefore I have arranged several photos, and I can’t wait to upload to my Wretch blog to share with everyone.
Some of the photos are about daily life, and some are during my Japan trip promoting It Starts With A Kiss. Ha, at that time the schedule is not too tight, so I have a lot of time to take photos
There are some interesting photos too ~~~~~~~~

Hmm, it has been raining recently. Those who take public transport, walk or ride scooters etc, do take care. The roads are slippery, walk carefully, and ride or drive slowly

Because of everyone I am beautiful (Ha, that is for sure!)
Because of everyone I am wonderful (Ha, That goes without saying)

Come on! Everyone together Come on! GO! GO!


*translated by piperly @ Asianfanatics.net

Jiro + red roses is loooove ♥

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