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Cartoon KAT-TUN 100 questions

1. What is your name? (could be your full name or nickname) Mayumi (not my real name :P)
2. When were you born? September 08
3. Where were you born? Philippines
4. Where are you currently residing? still in the Philippines =_=
5. How many languages do you speak? 2. English and Tagalog.  I know some Ilocano phrases/sentences as well XD
6. Do you have any siblings? Yes. Younger brother.
7. Would you show us your childhood pics?Sure! 🙂
8. How did you spend your childhood? Playing dolls. Reading.
9. Any childhood dreams? Hmm.~ I wanted to be a singer before… LOL!
10. Did it come true? Sadly, NO. HAHA!
11. Most memorable childhood moment. aww there were too many 😛
12. Current occupation.  student/fangirl =D
13. Past jobs. none
14. Dream job. Enginner? I dunno really XD
15. How do you see yourself 10 years from now? Still a fangirl.♥  Hmm. A carreer woman 😀
16. Do you have any pets? Well, we have 2 dogs and a fish and lots of stray cats.. but i don’t consider them as pets >_<
17. Please show us the contents of your bag. Comb. Wallet/Purse. Umbrella.  Mobile Phone.  Alcohol.
18. Something you must always have with you at all times. Celfone XD
19. What or who is on the wallpaper of your cell phone? Right now? It’s just.. plain 😛
20. How do you define your style? My taste is quite different from my friends. LOL.
21. Favorite fashion brand. I’m not that conscious about the brand.  As long as the item is pretty, then it’s okay! 😛
22. What’s your favorite cartoon? (could be an anime, if you want). Detective Conan! ♥
23. Favorite TV show. right now? Cartoon KAT-TUN 😉 ♥
24. What were you good at in school? Non-engg. subjects XD LOL. Filipino and English maybe? XD Philosophy!
25. Who can you do an impersonation of? hmm.. local actresses XD I can only impersonate their voices.. haha!
26. Something that you would call yourself. chibi. lol.  it’s the first word that crossed my mind XDD
27. What do you collect? DVDs, CDs, accessories, books, etc.
28. What is the most expensive thing that you have ever bought? a portable DVD player XDDD
29. What was the best present you have ever received? I haven’t received it yet…HAHA! >8D
30. Do you play any musical instruments? bamboo flute.  guitar/organ.  but im not good okay? 😀
31. What is your first impression of KAT-TUN? Gay. kidding~ They have this cool and badass image but after watching Cartoon KAT-TUN, i think they’re really cute guys!~ yayyy ^_^
32. When or how did you first learn of them? last year, before Gokusen 2 came out. I saw them singing Feel Your Breeze by V6.  I can’t believe I didn’t become a fan right away! LOL.  One of my friends hate them because Jin says something about MatsuJun.
33. How long have you been a fan of them? a MONTH?!?! =))
34. What do you think makes them different from the other JE groups? There’s KAME. HOHOHO~♥♥
35. Being a KAT-TUN fan, what is the craziest thing you’ve done? none yet.  but all i watch these days are their dramas/shows.  i’m still researching more stuff about them XD
36. To what lengths can you show or prove that you’re a fan? If only I have enough money, I’ll buy all their albums/singles/DVDs/photobooks, etc. and go to their concerts. *sighs*
37. Do you have anything in common with them? My heart and Maru’s heart are both fragile. LOL.  I remembered in one of their interviews, Koki and Maru said that Maru will be affected most when it comes to heart matters~ HAHA.
38. Is there something that you like for them to change? I want CUTE KAT-TUN PVs!!! not like the normal ones they do XD
39. Do you think they lack something? a little bit of unity 🙂 -> I AGREE 😀
40. Let’s say they can sing any song in any language, what would you have them sing for you? This is hard.  But I want them to sing a Tagalog love song.  Minsan lang kita iibigin is nice. 🙂 KAT-TUN singing ballads is love!~ ♥
41. What other JE groups do you like? I’m not that much of a fan but I listen to Arashi and NEWS.
42. Other music aside from JE? F4, Feilunhai, S.H.E. ♥ Parokya ni Edgar.
43. Is there anything you want to say to Johnny? Give these guys a break! Stop torturing them! LOL kidding~
44. What’s your favorite KT costume? Junno’s Samurai Love Attack costume. KAWAII~!
45. What can you beat KAT-TUN in? Hmm. pen twirling! :P:P:P
46. What do you want to do for them? Cook something for them? As if I know how XDDD
47. What do you want to teach them? Tagalog. So it would be easier for us to  talk XD
48. What do you want them to teach you? (What do you want to learn from them?) their dance steps and hmm.. Japanese! o(^o^)o
49. Something that you want to do together. play indoor games yayy~ slumber party!! ♥ *pervy mode*
50. What is your special skill? I am good in pen twirling 😀 I can move my tonsil too~! 😀
51. What do you think separates you from other people? I really don’t know about that XD
52. Is there something that you want to try the most? to smoke.  because Kame makes smoking looks so sexy~ JOKE. I want to cut my hair but I’m scared =_=;
53. What have you been currently working hard on? studies XP
54. Something that has caught your attention recently. Junno and Maru ♥♥♥~ <333
55. What do you like doing best? reading. fangirling. watching doramas XD
56. What is your best characteristic? I think I’m a good listener 😛
57. What is your bad habit? surfing the net too long-> ME TOO! 😀
58. Do you have any fetishes? hmm.. something related to nails and hands and feet XD I love pretty nails/hands/feet 😀
59. How do you release your stress? listening to music esp. to Chito Miranda’s voice OR watching dramas XD
60. What activity completes your day? surfing the net.  haha.
61. Do you have a favorite saying? “God will not give you problems you can’t handle.  Everything happens for a reason.”
62. What motivates you in life? God. family, friends, fandom ♥
63. Where do you take inspiration from? family, friends, fandom ♥
64. In the future, I want to ______ : Travel (go to Japan!), have a new computer, graduate on time.
65. What was the best thing that happened in your life? Best? I don’tknow u_u
66. Most embarrassing? Too many to mention~ u_u
67. What is the funniest story that you could share? I can’t remember
68. When was your first love? September 21, 2005. *cheesy mode*
69. Describe him. QUIET.
70. What action from a guy makes your heart flutter? when he stares at me and smiles. OR when he touches his lips while thinking (like Jin!)
71. What qualities do you look for in a man?tall. funny. SMART. Catholic.  kind.  loves his family.
72. What type do you hate? aggressive,arrogant, boring.
73. What does a guy do to turn you off? When he tries to be someone he’s not.  Like for example, wearing something he doesn’t normally wear just to impress someone. UGH.
74. The easiest way to your heart? when the guy loves, understands, and accepts who I really am.  if he loves the people I love.  If he can tolerate my fangirling. LOL.
75. The meanest way to be broken up with? a text message saying “Let’s break up” is RUDE.
76. What kind of people can’t you stand? annoying and bossy and arrogant and self-centered. LOL.  a person who can’t decide for himself.
77. Favorite food.Oh. A LOT. 😛 Chocolates. I love sweets! 😛 And Japanese and Filipino food 🙂
78. Something that you do not like eating. Pizza and Spaghetti XD
79. Something that you would recommend to someone visiting your country. Adobong Manok! As for the place, Hundred Islands is beautiful. And Vigan too! =p
80. What would you cook for KAT-TUN? I’ll study how to cook first 😉
81. What would you like to show them? my collections
82. Any CM you would like them to do? PEPSI commercial (just like F4 weeee~) -> AGREE.
83. When are you at your happiest? when I’m laughing. DUH :)) watching dramas while eating XDD hohoho~
84. What is it your most afraid of? death of people i love.  LIZARDS.
85. What makes you throw a tantrum? When I am ignored XD or when people want me to do something that I don’t want to do!
86. What new segment do you want CTKT to have? I can’t think of any~
87. Anyone you want them as a guest? Oguri Shun! F4! Matsujun! Yamapi! *omg dies of hotness*  Ayase Haruka. I want to see her with Kame.♥
88. Who is your fave KAT-TUN member? Kamenashi Kazuya~ <3333 Nakamaru Yuichi and Taguchi Junnosuke are tied for second place 😛
89. Do you have anything you have in common with him? Err.. my eyes are small too? 😛
90. How did you end up liking him? because he is a good singer, dancer and an ACTOR.  he laughs like crazy.  he is cute although he looks anorexic before (and he plucks his eyebrows!) Haha~ But because of Kame, Ishida Yuya and Hiroto are two of my favorite dorama characters ♥
91. If you could say ONE SENTENCE to him, what would it be? Aishiteru Kame-chan!  XDDD LOL!
92. More importantly, if you won a date with him, where do you want him to take you? (date… and otherwise. *wink* *wink* *nudge*) I want him to take me to Japan. In a Festival.  Like in episode 2 of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi.  I also want that orange thingy~ AWWW♥
93. What is the best gift that you want to receive from him? a hug would be nice ♥ haha! autographed dvd! YAYY~
94. Who do you want as your boyfriend? Jin.  so pretty! ^_^
95. Your best friend? Junno.  Because I know he can make me happy by just smiling 😀 and joking. lol.
96. Your husband? Kame. OF COURSE. ♥ He looks like he’ll be a good father XD
97. Your brother? Koki.  He looks protective XD and yeah, he’s funny!
98. Your pet? Maru! He’s the cutest thing ever ♥♥
99. Your distant cousin? Ueda. He doesn’t talk that much ne.
100. What song would you want them to perform for you? Bokura no Machi de. or You.  those are the first two songs that made me fall in love with them 🙂

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