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Just a few fangirl-y stuff

I realized that I don’t like Horikita Maki that much anymoreI only love her when she’s with Yamapi.  I am annoyed by her acting as Ashiya Mizuki in Hana Kimi but I do love her as Nobuta in NwP.  I also like Tsurara’s character in Kurosagi! But in HK, ugh.  It’s annoying when she cries,  when she ignores Nakatsu, when she says “Sanoooo” dramatically, etc.  It’s too pa-cute! (dunno how to say that in English LOL) Or maybe the reason why I don’t like her anymore is because Oguri Shun is her first on-screen kiss.  Haha.

When I saw her Ashiya-Mizuki-hair in the Kurosagi Movie, I actually didn’t know what to feel~ Yes she’ll be with Yamapi but I remembered her character in HK and I how much I don’t like her there. *Sighs* Actually, I think I love Ayase Haruka more than I love Horikita Maki.  I used to really love Maki before, but now.. I don’t know.  Ayase’s acting is more simple and pure (?).  Whenever she makes funny facial expressions, I find it really cute.  With Maki, oh well… I’ll just wait for the Kurosagi Movie >_<

These past few weeks, I’ve been listening to KAT-TUN songs.  I listen to more Japanese songs than all the songs  I could understand XD I’ve been watching Cartoon KAT-TUN a lot.  I think I’ve watch all the subbed episodes except for the Okinawa special~ How I love these boys 😛 They really make me happy ♥ But I will not abandon my other fandoms of course XD It’s just that since I am a new fan, I will try to know more stuff about them.  It’s too hard to catch up! There are sooo many KAT-TUN videos I haven’t watched 🙁 And it’s sad coz I don’t have enough time to watch them since I’m in school.  I can only watch them during my free time and in weekends 🙁 More about KT stuff later XD

As for doramas.. I am almost finished watching Coffee Prince, 5 more episodes to go! 🙂 I started Yukan Club 2 days ago but I stopped because I’m not that interested even though Junno (btw, I ♥♥♥ my Junno icon!) and Jin is there.  Maybe I should just watch Hanayome to Papa.  What do you think?  And who’s excited about Kame’s new drama?!?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Can’t wait. ;D

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  • Hmm… so that’s how you feel about Maki. Well, I have a different opinion though. I think Maki Horikita is very candid with her acting. I’ve watched pretty much alot of her off screen shots, behind the scenes and NGs as well. She’s actually a very shy person and barely even talks with the people she works with. What I’ve noticed is that she stands out from the typical Japanese actresses I’ve seen in action before. Many Japanese actresses annoy me with the fact that in real life thay have that pa-cute and flirty aura around them. Just hearing them speak in that high-pitched voice in promotions and interviews and doing those girly gestures make me sick. To me, that’s cheap. You see that everywhere. But not with Maki Horikita. When she’s asked in an interview, filmed offscreen, she goes straight to the point. She’s soft-spoken and simple. Plus, she’s really young and pursuing on an acting career at this age will bring her more experience and improvements on the way. Overall, I think Maki is great in her own way and she will still learn a lot. She’s also really cute. Hehehe… her features are unique from the typical Japanese girls. On my first time adopting to J-culture, I thought “Japanese girls sure look alike.” But there’s something in Maki that makes you recognize her easily even from far away or from a picture of her taken meters away lolz. I know you’re not one of those Maki haters. You just don’t like her as much as I do. Hehehe…

    I also love YamaPi. Aside from being a great actor, he’s a great singer too. I’m not a fan girl. I don’t do that fangirly squeal or bother with stuff like collect a hundred pictures of a single person, but if you’ll have to ask me anything about Jpop, I’m confident I can answer them because I love Japanese music as well and I seriously don’t let any important detail about it pass. Yamashita Tomohisa has to be one of the people in the Japanese Music Industry that has won my admiration and respect because of the way he is able to catch everyone’s hearts with his music. Kurosagi was a great series and I’m looking forward to the movie too.

    I think you should go watch Hanayome to Papa. I got really hooked the firrst time I tried watching it. It’s very very funny and I guarantee that you’ll have yourself down on the floor, rolling in laughter!

    Oh well. I was just passing by. Sorry to be a bother. I consequently found your site while streaming some videos and clicked on a tag. Hehehe…

  • I know you’re not one of those Maki haters. You just don’t like her as much as I do.

    Yes I don’t hate her! I find her pretty as well 😛 Are you watching Cartoon KAT-TUN? Because there was an episode when she was their guest. She’s so soft-spoken and humble and girly 🙂 But I prefer cute and funny girls like Ayase Haruka. But I don’t hate Maki alright? 🙂 I totally respect your opinion 😛

    Ooh, Yamapi fan! I’m not that much of a fan but wth, this guy’s too incredible for words 🙂 I love him as an actor <333 BTW, have you seen his latest AnAn photo shoot? I almost died 😛

    Hanayome to Papa is on my to-watch list just because Junno’s there XD Hehe!

    You don’t know how much I enjoyed your “comment”. Thanks~! I love long comments ♥

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