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After 7 episodes…

…..of Hotaru no Hikari, EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Makoto and Hotaru,
stop killing me!!!! ♥♥♥

Even if I know the ending already, I’m still rooting for Makoto-san and Hotaru-san ^_^ Hahahaha~ I love this couple. Their relationship is cute and childish.. Heeeheee. *kilig. kilig. kilig.* AWWW. Makoto is dreamy ♥~ A guy like that does not exist in real life T_T But oh well.

I love Fujiki’s role 🙂

And, Kato Kazuki owns my heart as of this moment ♥♥♥

I want a picture of him with glasses!!! ♥ Thank you

[info]soulnet_haven for the info. Kato Kazuki released an album a few days ago. WEEEEEE \(^o^)/ I’ll check that out. I’m going crazy. *hyperventilates* I look stupid smiling all by myself XD You don’t want to see me. LOL.

Back to school again tomorrow~! *sighs*

Everyone, watch Hotaru no Hikari! ^_________^

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