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Dear fandom, I miss you :(

School sucks.

I hate college.

Too many dramas unwatched.  Too many unread entries as well.

I miss watching Cartoon Kat-tun.

I miss Nakamaru and Junno’s baka-ness XD

I miss seeing Kame-chan.  Btw, his birthday is coming.  Kame baby is turning a year older 🙂 I want to celebrate with him lol.

I really want the Real Face Concert DVD.  and the Cartoon KAT-TUN II You Concert DVD too.  But I don’t have money T_T

Somebody save me.

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  • hi, i just chanced by. are u a singaporean? by the way, I’ve been fretting over the Cartoon KAT TUN II YOU concert dvd, im not sure whether taiwan version is good!

  • hi just chanced by.are you a singaporean? I have been fretting over whether to get the taiwan version of Cartoon KAT TUN II YOU concert dvd……not sure if the subs are good or just plain irritating!

  • Hello Tiffany, no I’m not from Singapore. Sorry T___T And I’m not so sure if there are Taiwanese versions (subs) of that DVD too D:

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