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Because Francine (zaizairabu) and Ysa (kawaiiysa) tagged me 😀

5 things that start with K and 5 things that start with D ^_^
Ang hirap mag-isip ng 10 e, sorry T_T

1. KAT-TUN.  So far, my favorite Japanese boyband ♥ Even though I’m just a new fan (hmm, about 5 months? O_O) I really love the 6 of them. 🙂 I enjoy watching Cartoon KAT-TUN so much. I love their songs, and concerts, and performances.  Basta, halos lahat 😀 Kame Maru Junno Jin Koki Ueda <3

Thank you, hamstaball for the pic 😀

2. Kamenashi Kazuya. One of my favorite jdrama actors (Oguri Shun is still my favorite jdrama actor, next is Kame, and then Matsumoto Jun 😛).  I didn’t like him that much in Nobuta wo Produce because  I loved Akira more 😀 Haha.  But after watching Sapuri (Ishida Yuya!), Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Kanzaki Hiroto ♥♥♥), Yuuki (with Shun! :D) and now, One Pound Gospel, awww  Kame <333 I love him so much as an actor 😀 As a performer/ singer/ dancer? not so much XD But Someday for Somebody is LOVE ♥ I also love watching Kame in Cartoon KT 😛 I just watched episode 53.  LOL baseball freak XD Basta. Kame <333

Thank you winterspel for the pic 🙂

3. Kizuna. insert song for Gokusen 2.  I love you Kame, but Maru’s version of Kizuna is much better in my opinion 🙂

4. Kato Kazuki. Hottest <3 Thank you Hotaru no Hikari (and soulnet_haven! :P) for introducing me to Kato Kazuki. LOL.  He is not a good actor, but I still like him 🙂 Hehe.  Teshima Makoto ♥♥♥ Also, I love listening to his songs before I go to sleep.  I am not a fan of jrock, but oh well, Kazuki ♥ Favorites: Soba ni Ite, Melody, Faith, Yumehikoki and Bokura no Mirai 🙂

5. K.  Proportionality Constant. 1 over 4 pi epsilon nought. 8.99×10^9.  Shit. Nerd.  HAHAHAHA.  I just took my first Physics 82 exam a few hours ago.  Sorry naman, may hang-over pa 😀

6. Drafting. The subject I hate most T_____T I can’t visualize anything T_T

7. Dramas. Asian dramas 😉 I don’t mind staying inside my house for the whole day and just watch dramas.  I’ve been a fan of Asian entertainment for almost 5 years now 🙂 I also watch American TV shows such as One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy but in my opinion, asian entertainment is still a hundred times better than Hollywood ♥

8. Dogs. Scary T~T I don’t like dogs T_T

9. Disneyland. Wala lang. I want to go there T_T

10. Dolls. I love dolls.  But after watching Child’s Play, more than 10 years ago, I think. WAAAAAAAAH.  CHUCKY = O_O VERY SCARY.

“Hi, I’m Chucky.  Wanna play?”


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