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Big Brother is annoying =/

Yes I know that the gasoline is fake and everything about the whole episode last night is a joke. But.. there are so many kids out there with no clothes to wear and Kuya wanted them (the housemates) to burn their OWN clothes? I also know that’s it’s his way of disciplining (is there such a word, i wonder…) the housemates but is INAPPROPRIATE.

My heart aches whenever I see EJ. Especially in that particular episode when that stupid selfish Spanish dad told him Do you intend to be a star without knowing english? (!!!!!!!!!!!!) OMG that’s harsh. SERIOUSLY. That’s why I want EJ to be the next big winner because he deserves it. EJ, my heart bleeds for you. LOL.

I still want Robi to be included in PBB’s Big Four though โ™ฅ ILY Robi โ™ฅ

Haaayy PBB. Kahit scripted ka, bakit pinapanood pa rin kita? ๐Ÿ™‚

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