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Prisoner of Love

Densha Otoko– FINISHED!

I watched the alternate ending too :)) I love everything about it. Romantic comedies with a little bit of drama are the best. Forget it when I said that Shibasaki Kou is prettier than Ito Misaki, Ito is a goddess. She is perfect as Saori, VERY BEAUTIFUL omg. 8D It’s my favorite Ito Misaki character so far. <3

Hmm, I heard there was another special too. And a movie. Must look for those too!


I’ve finally watched the first episode of Last Friends. Um, it was.. interesting.

The opening video is probably the most beautiful opening I’ve seen in any dorama. It’s intriguing. I love it.

The cast is just pure awesomeness okay (EITAAAAAAAA). Ryo scared me. Yes. But… Ueno Juri as Ruka scared me the most. OMG LESBIAN. I have nothing against lesbians, but Juri’s acting looked so real, it’s creepy! And tell me, is she really Nodame??? Because I totally can’t see Nodame in Ruka. Whoa. She’s such a great actress. And Eita = GAY. Kidding. Make-up artist Eita?! KAWAII~ I didn’t like his hair though. I’ve only seen 2 Eita dramas: Nodame and Sapuri but he stood out in both dramas XD Who wouldn’t notice him? He is good-looking and can act so well ^^, I’ve heard lots of good things about him in this. We’ll see. I have high expectations ๐Ÿ˜€

And this picture too. LOVE. โ™ฅ

Three of them were from Nodame Cantabile *___* Whoa. Reunion :))
Eitaaaaaa <3

I am looking forward to watch the next episodes XD But I have to wait for the whole drama to finish. Yay marathon XDDD


Watching First Kiss. Mao-chan is so pretty! She looks good with Yuuta as well ๐Ÿ˜€ But the storyline is boring D:

And btw, I have a crush on Hayami Mokomichi. HAHAHA. He’s my favorite in Gokusen 2 (YES. Not Jin and not even KAME. Boo Marianne.) And after watching Densha Otoko, I think I’m in love. LOL. Soooo. I will watch Zettai Kareshi for sure ^^,


Hmm, so he’s half-Filipino? ^^, YAY.

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  • I have more than a crush on Hayami Mokomichi after watching what’s avail of Zettai Kareshi right now. So do watch at your own risk of going completely berserk over his yumminesss!!! lol I’ve seen everything he’s in, always just luv his looks nth more…but Zettai, I got to know he’s very talented too.

    and yes, those split seconds he’s on in Densha Otoko, I always rewind and rewatch for no reason other than droolzing.

  • Hello yayaya. Hayami Mokomichi is hot indeed ๐Ÿ˜€ <33 I haven’t watched a single episode of ZK *loser, I know :P* but I’ve seen tons of pics and wow, hotness overload ^_^ I can’t focus on his acting because his looks are waaaay distracting ๐Ÿ˜› LOL.

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