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I’m in love…

…with L. Yes, L from Death Note. HOHOHO~ I started watching the anime last week (just last week! omgloser) and I really liked it! I remembered buying the 2 Death Note movies last year (?) and I didn’t watch them 🙁 And then someone borrowed the DVDs and he didn’t return them to me so even if I want to watch them RIGHT NOW, I can’t anymore.  *cries* I so want to watch the movie T___T I have to find that DVD no matter what.  Haha.  The anime is so much looove. ♥ (I’m still not finished watching though) L >>>> Light IMO. 🙂


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  • i hope you already found your death note movie copies.. i’m desperately dying looking for such, and i avoid buying online because they’re too expensive!!

    i hope you’ll okay with the idea, burning all your jdoramas and jmovies copies.. 🙂 [i’ll really pay you..]


    (i have lots of korean movies & dramas and was already exhausted watching those so I’m shifting to japanese things naman..)

    btw, ung She’s on Duty and Millionaire’s First Love are good K-movies.. 🙂

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