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MARS japanese version? *rumor*

Horikita Maki as Kira  (Qi Luo)  and AKANISHI JIN as Rei (Chen Ling)????? >_<


I wouldn’t mind if it’s Matsuda Shota or Hayami Mokomichi or Oguri Shun (!!! :D) b-but JIN?!?! WHY?!?!?! DDD: I love Jin but he CANNOT ACT okay? T___T I’m still not sure if Maki is fit to be Kira (I suddenly remembered Nobuta.. hmmm).

Mars is the awesomest drama ever, plus Barbie Xu and Vic Zhou were so perfect as Qi Luo and Ling too, so PLEASE.. I hope they choose actors based on their acting abilities (lol) and not because of their pretty faces okae. D:

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  • Hi! I’m just wondering where you heard this rumor. Can you please let me know? I posted something on LJ asking people about it and no one can give me info. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • @Houseki_L7. So you’re the one who posted it in the KAT-TUN community? Am I right? XD Like most people, a friend told me about this because she read the rumor from forums and stuff. This is really not official 🙂

  • No, I posted it at jdramas. Someone who read my post there started the discussion in KATTUNLOVE. Haha, so it’s too good to be true, for now. Thanks for replying. 🙂

  • I think it could be a great oportunity for Jin to improve his acting skills. Because, come on! Zai zai didn’t act very well before that drama and he really prove all the haters that he could portray that character really well, so I’m hoping the same will happen to Jin.
    An Horikita Maki had a similar role in Seito Shokun! so I know she’ll do a good job as Kira Asou.
    I’m really hoping this rumor will become true.

  • I understand what you are trying to say 🙂 Maybe the reason why I am feeling this is because I do not want any versions of the Twdrama, I just feel that is too perfect and any revisions would ruin it. But I really want to see Jin a drama too, and I hope to see improvements in his acting skills. Maybe Mars is just too big of a project for him, IMHO 😀

    I haven’t watched Seito Shokun so I cannot compare. Before, I thought that the role suits Maki. But idk, I just changed my mind DDD:

  • Wooah. You’re joking. o.o A jap version of MARS?
    Well. About TIME! =D Maki’s a very good actor. I’ve seen Seitou Shokun…& that was pretty well done! =) I think her role as Nobuta would contribute too..
    I’m not sure about Jin though….o.o I’ve seen him in only Gokusen 2 & Yukan Club. He was alright in G2…YC…I haven’t watched all of it…not sure…
    I hope he improves his acting through MARS too =) I really hope this rumour comes true.

  • Like what I said, it’s just a RUMOR so we aren’t sure about it. I want Jin’s acting to improve, but please, I don’t want them to experiment with Mars 🙁 The twdrama is just too perfect for me, I don’t want the japanese version to ruin it 🙁

  • I really hope that they would make a Japanese version of MARS! God, I was really addicted to the Taiwanese version! Barbie and Zai Zai are so fit for their roles and they really have good chemistry. Barbie looks really believable as Kira, with her lean frame and pale, innocent face. Whereas Zai Zai is really handsome and cool! 🙂

    I’m a die-hard fan of Jin. And I really wish to see him in another acting project. He was awesome in Gokusen2 and his personality fits Rei. I can’t really say much about his acting, but I’m sure he can do it well. It would be a great chance for him to improve his acting. I trust him. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t think Oguri would be fitting for the role, though. His face is really blank and I can’t really imagine him doing “the rebel” character. I know it’s already the past, but I was really opposed to him playing Hanazawa Rui. Just compare his acting and facial expressions with that of Hua Ze Lei. And him playing Sano in Hana Kimi was a big joke. I don’t like Mokomichi and Shota either, they don’t have that special aura of Rei that can only be shown by Jin. 🙂

    About Horikita, I agree she was great in Nobuta, but I doubt if she’ll look convincing as Kira. She’s just too chubby, I suppose. And she looks so healthy too. Kira should look like a weak and innocent girl. And I don’t think she and Jin will have a great chemistry on-screen. 🙂

    This is just my opinion anyway. 🙂

  • @Jacquiline I agree with the whole Twdrama thing. Mars is just too awesome and perfect right? 🙂

    I think Shun can since he’s such a great actor. Have you seen Crows Zero and Gokusen? He’s pretty much a badass there 😛 I dunno if I’m biased but I love love love him as Hanazawa Rui, but yeah, Shun as Sano is kind of disappointing.

    I have no problems regarding Jin’s aura and all, but I just don’t think he is a good actor, especially when compared with the actors I’ve just mentioned >__< I know I’m being childish but no one can ever top Vic and Barbie’s Ling and Qi Luo– EVER. But we have different opinions anyway 😀

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