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Unfair (unspoilery) pusher post

I’ve already made a full post about one of my favorite detective dramas, UNFAIR. I’ll try to make this as unspoilery as possible ๐Ÿ˜€

“Yukihira Natsumi is a no-nonsense, intelligent, Tokyo homicide cop with a bad reputation for not working well with others and pushing the limits of the law. As she sees it, her only job is bringing in the bad guys and the results are all that counts. In so, 5 years ago she had to pull her weapon and kill a man, earning the ire and distrust of some of her coworkers and members of the community. To bring balance to her life, she must deal with work, a divorce, and caring of her young daughter.

A dark crime drama of a serial murderer who is serializing the murders in short stories.”

-synopsis from dramawiki


Watching Unfair is breath-taking. I usually do not marathon doramas, but with Unfair, it’s different. It’s like a 10-hour movie, you just cannot stop watching. It is quite addicting, the story is well-written and I love the sequencing of events. Unlike other detective/ crime dramas wherein there are lots of criminals and the crimes are solved each episode, this drama is a bit confusing. But once you reach the middle part, things get exciting. You will find yourself guessing who the master mind is and how he does the crimes and why. One of the most exciting and intriguing endings I’ve seen so far, after Memories of Bali. ๐Ÿ™‚ The last episode was done beautifully, and if you’re not observant enough, I’m sure you’d be surprised by how it ends.

The Soundtrack:

Yuna Ito’s Faith is LOVE. Period.

Destiny Child’s Survivor, however, is not fit to be the insert song. The instrumental part may be catchy, but once I hear Beyonce’s voice in a JAPANESE drama, I can’t help but laugh. :))

The Lead Actors:


Ryoko Shinohara as Yukihira Natsumi

Don’t you agree that Ryoko is one of the most beautiful Japanese actresses you’ve ever seen? I haven’t seen Anego (and no plans of watching it atm) but she won the Best Actress Award for both, then that means that as an actress, she is really that good.ย  Her role as Yukihira is too stiff and too serious but she makes me want to cry when she cries.ย  Gawd, she even cries beautifully XDย  I also love her whenever she is with Ando.ย  It’s like she’s not her usual robot self.ย ย  I love how their relationshipย  can look romantic without any intimate scene.ย  Also, her scenes with Ando were quite funny, so it balances the seriousness of the whole drama.ย ย  She looks so damn good with Eita that you wouldn’t care about the age difference at all. My favorite scenes? The first scene I saw her (omg hottest cop ever XD) and the last scene wherein she said, “____ you really are a dumbass”. *cries again*

Eita as Ando Kazuyuki

You would probably think I’m biased and you’ll say that the only thing that made me love Unfair is because I love Eita. You’re wrong. I like Eita as an actor before I watched Unfair. But after watching him as Ando, oh god, how I love this guy! I cannot imagine any other actor who can play Ando’s role except for Eita (same with Takeru but that’s a different topic ๐Ÿ˜€).

Ando is the type of guy one would easily fall for. He is very smart (though he looks like a dumbass when he’s beside Yukihira-san XD) and dependable. AND OMG, THE WAY PLAYS WITH MIO-CHAN? AND THE WAY HE STARES AT YUKIHIRA LIKE SHE’S A GODDESS OR SOMETHING? *dead* Ando plays a very big role in the series. You would love (and pity) him for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

Another amazing character portrayed by Eita. Ando’s character is more mature and serious.ย  Surprisingly, it fits Eita. ย  It makes me sad that he hasn’t won any award as an actor yet. Sorry, off-topic XD But then again, my love for Ando is beyond words โ™ฅ

If you do not mind being spoiled, then refer to my spoilery post XD

PLEASE FINISH IT ‘TIL THE END. The last scene seriously broke my heart D: Be sure to watch it if you want to see Eita looking hawt in suits ๐Ÿ˜‰

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