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Twilight Movie comments

OKAY, so I watched Twilight last Saturday.  Here are a few comments:

1. All the vampires look like an espasol -_-” WTH is wrong with their makeup artist? *_*

2. I swear if ever I see a guy who looks like Jacob, I’d freak out.  Not hot at all.  DA HAIR MEHN. DA HAIR. T__________T

3. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY GIRLS SCREAM INSIDE THE THEATER WHEN EDWARD CULLEN APPEARS ONSCREEN.  I love Robert Pattinson okay? It’s just that there are scenes when he doesn’t look dazzling AT ALL.  So so so disappointing.

4. The cameraman is not good T_T The camera is moving and there are really weird shots. D: And the director too, and the hairstylist and makeup artist D: Guhhh.

5. I hate how Kristen Stewart portrayed Bella’s character.  I don’t like Bella, KS made it even worse.  What’s with all the blinking and head-bobbing (is there such a word? -_-“) and weird flirting? -________-”

6.  The voice over is irritating too! I don’t like KS’s voice 🙁

7. There are lots of scenes that went missing! 🙁 The “Do I dazzle you?” part is not even there! 🙁 It’s supposed to be in this scene 🙁

8. I hatehatehate the fact that Alice, Jasper and Emmett only spoke abot 2-3 lines in the movie! DDD:

9. I love Jasper ♥ forget the excessive makeup. Jasper is cute. I love him. Especially when he’s with Alice ♥

10. Twirling Alice is cute.  And Alice playing baseball is cuter 😛

11. I love the baseball scene ♥ I think it’s the only good part in the movie D: I wouldn’t mind if they extended that scene for about 30 minutes or so. HAHA.

12. Am I the only one who thinks James is NOT hot?

13. The Biology scene is weird.  I don’t understand the electric fan part :)) HAHA.  And Edward looked constipated, not dazzling T_T

. I love Dr. Carlisle Cullen <3

15. I hate Bella’s friends 😐 Especially the friend with the yucky gown 🙁 What’s her name again?

16. Though I don’t want to admit it, I loved the scene when Bella came with Edward and he’s wearing those awful shades :)) It looks good on him anyway 🙂

17. OMG EDWARD CULLEN GLITTERS. Literally. UGH WHYYY D: I do not want a boyfriend who glitters, it’s creepy.

Hello pet cactus, that was so random -_-”

19. The climbing-on-trees part isn’t pleasant to watch.  Edward looked like a monkey there >_<

20. Charlie is my favorite! Cool dad 🙂

21. The prom scene is pretty ♥ Yes, coz I’m a mushy person. Haha.  What’s the song playing in the background? It’s nice 🙂 The details in the book are not followed though >_< And Edward is prettier than Bella. LOL.

22.  Why is Bella wearing a panty in their kissing scene? 😐 It looks totally wrong to me 😐


23. Jasper and Alice forever ♥ Much better than Edward and Bella.

24. And yeah, I like Emmett and Rosalie too 🙂

25. LOL. So corny.


26. Did I mention that their kissing scene is hot? XD

27.  Eeee I love how he looks at her!

28. Yay fight scene! I liked it actually :))

29.  I really think they should change the director 😐

30.  Okay so I’m a sucker for boy-saves-girl scenes ♥

So that’s it :)) Twilight fans, don’t hate me ♥ I was disappointed with the movie because I was expecting it would be better than the book, but it’s not 🙁

And just for fun, read this: Twilight in Fifteen Minutes.  WINNER \:D/

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  • Hey-o!! I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeee Twilight more than anyone in the whole wide world!!!!!!! You soooooooo have to go on my blog because i love TWIILIGHT and i have a club!!!!!

  • Twilight is AH-MAZING! and FYI the movise are NEVER better than the books and the movie was still AH-MAZING! The director did a fantastic job and so did the camera men…and if you pay any attention to the book at all you should realize that the vampires are SUPPOSED to look like that! The makeup artists were great too!


  • ur rite James is ugly. SO NOT HOT!!! And i think there were parts n the movie tht were stupid and parts in the book tht should have been in the movie

  • the point of the fan in the biology scene was it blew her scent at him and so he covered his nose to block the smell if u noticed his eyes were black when she looked at him

  • If you read the book you would understand half of what you thought was weird. The vampires are supposed to look chalky-white. The fan blew Bella’s scent in Edward’s direction, and he was not supposed to look dazzling, he was intrigued by her scent that was like a ‘type of heroin’ to him, and felt the impulsion to bite her and suck her blood :K

  • @sarah i know, because i read the book. however, IMO, i think there are some parts of the book that need not to be followed EXACTLY because it’s ridiculous >_<

  • swering Aphrodite: Edward and somtimes it’s a tie… I’m going crazy I asked my dad to get me all four books…(hoping for the fith to be published) and I ead the over and over and a million times over… (hellooo? I said I was going crazy) VA ADORPE TOTI MAI ALES PE EDWARA:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x

  • You know what…whoever wrote this about Twilight is just a skanky little jealous bitch! If you think that movie was SO bad…then you shouldn’t of watched it!! So go and take your stupid comments and shove them up your FAT AS!! ‘Kay???
    You Twilight hating BITCH!

  • hey i liked da movie nd dat but dey needed 2 show more os roselie she nd emmet nd probably alice nd jasper were my favouritessss

    they needed more scenes hopefully in newmoon

    nd 1 more thing they cut out to many scenes the book was better

  • by far; i thought the movie was better. i like things more from a visual point of view. don’t get me wrong, the book was amazing. i would just rather see Edward’s face on a projector screen 🙂

    movie was amazing.
    actors/actresses are amazing.
    director was amazing.
    twilight by far THEE best movie. ever.

  • the book was way better than the movie and jacob looks awsome with short hair but i think new moon will be way cooler i love twilight

  • the film was great i love vampire films i wish i was a vampire lol most of all i liked edword he is so cute xxxxx i wish me and him could be together lol

  • the book waz amazing but the waz kind of nonamazing but i love twilight so i would love 2 see both i am a book reader thats wat got me hooked on twilight then i could not put it down u should try the evernight series 2

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