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another useless post

• Before anything else, this interview (!!!!!!!!!!!!). I love♥ Jin loves talking about Nakamaru A LOT, doesn’t he? XD~ Nakanishi ♥

• Currently watching: Hot Shot (ep7, twdrama), Boys Over Flowers (ep16, kdrama), and Taiyou no Uta (ep1, jdrama)

Too lazy to  comment about these dramas. I want to say a lot of things but I don’t know where to start! I think I have to finish them first before making a review or something XD.  But, BOF is driving me crazy, really. Btw, who among you have seen Taiyou no Uta? Is it good? 🙂

• I didn’t know that Alan Luo (I don’t like the name Show T_T) can really sing! Ugh, my heart~~ ♥ I actually cried when I first hear/saw him sing.   And this one’s my favorite, from the Corner with Love OST:

I am an Alan Luo fangirl now. ♥  Will download his songs this weekend! ^_^v Hmm, maybe I’ll rewatch CWL too. ♥ BARBIE XU x ALAN LUO \8D/

• I have an exam tomorrow and I haven’t studied yet 😐 Haha, nice. I hate summer classes >_< Rawr.

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