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still can’t over the fact that show luo can REALLY sing

I downloaded 5 albums of Alan Luo (fine, fine, Show Luo) and will listen to it later.  I’ve also watched some clips from his concerts, and I can’t help but feel sad whenever I see him cry.   Especially in this clip and in this one too.  OH GOD what a sweet kid.   Show is such a happy and carefree person so it breaks my heart to see him crying like that :'( I remember he once said that he cannot sing like Jay Chou, but man, the boy sings SO WELL! O___O ♥  (I didn’t know he sung all those beautiful songs in CWL and Hot Shot! *gets shot*) Even though I haven’t heard all of his songs, I now declare Show as one of my favorite singers.  He sings even better than Vic, IMHO. xD Actually, he’s one of my favorite actors too 🙂 I’ve been watching my favorite scenes in Corner with Love since last night, and it made me love him even more. ♥ I am so excited to listen to his albums now! 😀 Twinkle (ft. Koda Kumi) is awesome <3



I’m halfway through Taiyou no Uta and now I understand why people didn’t like Sawajiri Erika in this.  I don’t exactly know why am I still watching TnU. T_T Hmm, maybe because of Kaname Jun. HAHA.

Boys over Flowers :  wtf is wrong with Jandi?!?! I don’t get it.  I don’t see why she is the Korean counterpart of Shan Cai, or even Makino! T_T She’s weak, always crying, and so not pretty.  I HATE HER SO MUCH T_T Secondary OTP is better, (EEEE! <3), Ga Eul (???) is prettier. Why is she not chosen as the lead girl instead? I’d be happier if that’s the case.  Hmp.

I still can’t choose between Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo T_T

LOL, because of Cpop, I forgot to download KAT-TUN’s new album. /fail.  My eyes are already tired, so I have to go home now.  And do research.  And study T_T

I have a reaaaally cute classmate in  my 8:45AM class ♥ Aaaaack.   I will see him again tomorrow  we’re groupmates in one of our class activities >////< LUCKY! \8D/ Heeee~

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