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Obviously, I’ve been fangirling (and I mean HARDCORE FANGIRLING) Show Luo for weeks now (I’ve known him as Alan from his Corner with Love days) and each day, I learn to admire the boy more. I love him, just as much as I love Eita and other Asian idols.

You know what? He’s incredible. 

For example, in his MV, Cheng Yao (Backup), he invited his friends from the industry.  From co-hosts, to singers, directors, etc.  and was considered to have the most number of idols in one music video.  At first, I though, “why would he do that?” It turned out that these people helped him to be this successful.  As a sign of gratitude, he invited them to dance with him in this vid.  It’s amazing how he wasn’t able to forget where he came from.  I’m so proud of all his achievements, though it took him quite a long time to be considered as one of the most famous and successful idols in Taiwan.  He is one of the most talented people I’ve seen– a good actor, dancer, pianist (!!!!), etc.  But his singing skills made me love him to death. HAHA.  Seriously.  He sings so well, you can really feel all the emotions, and he sings well live too! Even when dancing! Not many artists can do that! *sighs* Such an awesome person.  Not to mention his incredible sense of humor.  Plus, he has this little crush on Barbie too.  But that would be a different post coz I will babble about that later. LOL.  Barbie and Show.  Yum.

It sucks that there are no Show Luo / Xiao Zhu / Alan Lou LJ communities!! I wonder where they download his videos.  I am downloading youtube videos and the quality is just… crap. Huhu I cry.

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