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Zettai Kareshi, why do this to me? :(


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  • I assume you’ve seen the ending… eeeeee, don’t be too sad!!

    Although I remember some personal waterworks during the finale episode *coughs* Oh, my Night-o, my dear Night-o… T_T

    I’ve never read the manga, the idea of a robot love story has never really appealed or made sense to me (in fact, it still icks me out if I think too hard about it) but I suppose if you sidestep the fact that he is a machine, Watase Yuu does know how to attract a girl’s heart.

    I enjoyed the drama but it was def more for Hayami Mocomichi than anyone or anything else (6ft+, tanned, athelete’s body, yes puh-lease!) And actually, this is probably my favourite role of Hiro’s to date.

  • I did. I cried like a baby. I was bawling the whole time, my goodness. I’ve been planning to write a ~review~, hope I find the time! Haha.

    Me too, I’ve never read it, and I didn’t want to ‘coz they said it might ruin the drama for me. And I totally agree with the idea of a robot x human love story, CRAZY right? But for some reason, Night has managed to make my heart melt in all sorts of ways. Haha.

    And yeaaaaahh. I think we have the same taste ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mokomichi is well, perfect. Zettai Kareshi material โ™ฅ Just thinking about him makes me smile from ear to ear. HAHA.

  • Yay, a review! That would be fantabulous! I’d love to hear all your thoughts :))

    If you like Hayami-kun, check out his movie Rough… all I have to say is, he totally plays a SWIMMER in the film xDDDDDDDD

  • He has a movie?!?!? as A SWIMMER?! WTF I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. EEEEE. ABS. HAHA. I love that he looks lean, not unlike those big men with scary muscles T_T I really find him sexy but cute at the same time. Gahhhd.

    • ^^lol I know, at first I thought such a thing was too good to be true xDD Nagasawa Masami is in the film too.

      Hey, we really are alike!! I much prefer the leaner, athlete build over ridiculously ripped muscles, too ^^;;

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