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Short Fandom Update

* As you may all know, Chord Overstreet aka Sam Evans will not be returning on Glee for Season 3.  I am beyond furious!!!!!!! I love Sam (and Chord T_T) and I hate the fact that he wasn’t chosen to be a part of Glee’s regular cast.  I love Darren Criss, but I hate that he’s getting too much attention and screen time! Chord deserves this as well, but what the hell. WHYYYYYYYYY. Can’t. Get. Over.

* I cannot believe I forgot Barbie Xu’s birthday last October 6! I used to do picspams of Barbie on my Livejournal account years ago. I miss those days~ Tsk. So sorry if I’m unable to do that now. Anyway, belated happy birthday to one of the most beautiful women ever. Haha.  Good lord, I can’t believe she’s 35 already! Look at her! So very beautiful.

* I enjoy Japanese entertainment the most, but I cannot (and will never ever) forget my number one love: Taiwanese entertainment. F4 to be exact.  These boys made my fandom days so much happier, and though I’m a bit sad that not many fans sub their videos and such, as compared to Japanese boy groups, I will always ALWAYS support whatever project they may have.  And I read in an interview with Vanness Wu recently that they (Jerry, Vic, Ken) are still good friends and are hoping for a reunion at the right time. YES PLEASE.  I might just die of happiness.

* And speaking of reunion, I wonder if my KAT-TUN reunion is possible in the future, too? *sighs* Jin will be releasing an album in the US soon. I am very happy with how better Jin gets but of course, a bit sad too because he might not return to Japan again 🙁

* I have a hundred movies and TV shows to watch this coming break! *excited* If there’s something you want to recommend, feel free to tell me! XD I have no idea what’s happening to the dorama world atm. I suck. I’d like to watch some cheesy anime too. 😐

* Not a fan of NEWS but Ryo and Yamapi leaving the group made me sad 🙁 To be honest, among NEWS’ members, I only find Ryo and Yamapi attractive and I like them both as actors so this is just depressing.  NEWS fans must have felt what KAT-TUN fans experienced when Jin left KAT-TUN. It really breaks my heart </3

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