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S.H.E. Update


Lately, I’ve been obsessing with my original fandom : Taiwanese entertainment. (Well, Japanese entertainment too but that’s a different story XD) Opened Asianfanatics, which I haven’t opened for ages and read the news~ Heee. I don’t know why but I almost knew all of them O_O Some of them I’m not even a fan of! But here’s what caught my eye: ELLE GOT MARRIED ALREADY!

WHUUUUUUT.  I don’t exactly remember when but it seems like yesterday when Ella and Chun were one of my most favorite OTPs T____T; And now she’s married! Well, all of my OTPs didn’t end up together anyway… 🙁

Ella is so stunning~ Selina and Hebe as well.  I am so glad Selina has finally recovered from the accident and Hebe is, well, Hebe with red hair. Haha. And they’re back together as a group huhu omg you don’t know how happy I am ;___; *spazzes* I lost my S.H.E. albums and I should re-download everythingggg soon~

Meh. As much as I love my American TV shows, I blame them because I didn’t have the time to fangirl ~Asian~ entertainment as much. Haha. But whatever.  Since I’m unemployed, I have all the time in the world! 8D *happy banana dance*

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