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Eight Randoms


If you’ve been following me on twitter, you probably hate me because I rant a lot :)) I tweet a lot of fandom stuff too, but mostly, in Tagalog.  So I just wanted to share my thoughts to you fellow fangirls (and fanboys!) and translate some of them in English 😀 Real life friends, if you find my tweets annoying, errr… Sorry I’m not sorry? *___*v

  • Currently reading: Divergent.  Just watched the movie a few days ago and I loved it! Not sure if it’s because of Theo James and his face and his incredibly sexy voice, but, yeah… I think I have this thing for Dystopian stories… Good thing I watched the movie first before I read the book so no expectations whatsoever.  Loved the main cast!
  • It’s just distracting that in the book, all Tris says is how tall Christina is, but in the movie, Christina looks a lot shorter than I am! And I’m 4’11”! LOL. In the book, Tris is a bit small, but in the movie, she looks really tall to me.  But whatever, I liked them both.  Heee.
  • This is what’s problematic for me in The Hunger Games trilogy.  I loooove the books so much that when they cast JLaw, Hutcherson (??? can’t even spell his name!), and Hemsworth, I was so disappointed! Especially their choice for Peeta 🙁 I agree that they are good actors but it wasn’t enough for me.  And JLaw and Hemsworth looked too old and too big for me.  And Peeta looked too weak.  Sigh.
  • Seeing all these Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder tweets and pictures…. I can feel the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces.  They are so perfect together!!! Huhuhuhu it’s like Vic and Barbie all over again.  This time, please please please get back together and make cute amazing babies :3
  • So excited for The Fault in Our Stars movie! But not super thrilled for the lead guy because I didn’t like him in Divergent.  And I don’t know, maybe I judge the actor / actress too much based on his / her appearance.  *is shallow*
  • So many Game of Thrones tweets and facebook posts! I watched the first season and a few episodes from the second.  I liked some parts but maybe it’s just not for me?  I’m too shallow to watch that kind of show! Haha! And it’s more than an hour long and my attention span is only for around twenty minutes…
  • Loving the new season of Junior Masterchef! I wonder if I can download the episodes?  The kids are soooo cute and the judges are too kind, I’m not used to them being so nice! Hohoho.
  • Follow Tyler Posey on twitter, I tell you! You won’t regret it.  The guy’s too adorable for words!!! ♥


EDIT: This post is originally tagged as eight randoms just because 8 is my favorite number 😛 Then I realized that I tweet too much, so I changed the tag to “random tweets” instead 😀 Heeee.

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