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My Asian Drama Obsession

Asian Dramas* remind me of college days a lot, most especially my first two years in the university.  I started watching Taiwanese dramas when Meteor Garden first aired here in the Philippines last May 2003.  But I discovered Japanese dramas around 2006-2007.  Those years were the peak in my Asian Drama obsession. I admit that after a couple of years, I got quite sucked into American shows but my heart always belongs to Asian entertainment. Always and forever ♥

I have favorite American TV shows– One Tree Hill, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and Penny Dreadful, to name a few.  I fell in love with their stories, their characters, their actors, and almost everything about it.  But it feels different when I watch Asian dramas, it didn’t feel like I was just watching, I feel like I’m almost there with the characters.

Asian Dramas make my heart go doki doki, I don’t usually feel that when I watch other shows.  The simplicity of the stories and characters of Asian dramas is something that really affects me in so many ways.  There are Asian Dramas though that have plots that are far away from reality or have acting styles that are way too animated (like Nodame Cantabile for example).  But when you  observe the characters closely, the emotions they portray are so pure and real, something that I don’t see a lot in American shows.  I am no expert in acting and I’m not sure if this makes sense at all, but the way I see it, American actors’ acting are too technical sometimes.  They deliver well but the actors rarely make me feel the emotion they’re trying to convey. Maybe it also helped that when I started watching doramas, I the actors and I are from the same age group, so when they portray teenagers / high schoolers, I can totally relate. Compared with American shows, 25++ year-old actors play a 17-year old character. Meh.

Asian Dramas are a big part of my life and occupy a special place in my heart.  I no longer watch a lot of Asian Dramas the way I used to but I recently rewatched one of my favorite Jdramas and it brings back all the feelings I’ve kept for so long.  Just hearing the OST of that drama makes me teary-eyed. No exaggerations there. Sometimes I tend to avoid doramas because I don’t want to be too emotional. Haha! I just wish that dorama downloads are as easy to find as other shows. It is very rare to find a good dorama (especially old ones with higher quality, or good subtitles) so thank God for mobile apps like Dramot or Viki, I can still watch my favorite doramas and find new ones too. I still prefer DVDs and downloads, though 😉

What are your favorite Asian Dramas? Let me know in the comments! 😀

*Asian Dramas = Japanese,Taiwanese, and sometimes Korean

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