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Obsessed with ANTM Cycle 21


I rarely write about this show but after having a marathon of more or less ten cycles, I’ve never been this obsessed! The last time I remember being such a fan was during Cycle 15 (Ann Ward’s cycle) and the next ones haven’t been as good.

But this season is addicting! I don’t know, there’s just something special with this batch.  I have lots of favorites too!

Here’s my Top 5 for this cycle: (Not in order!)


Shei Phan
I guess I’m always a bit biased on anything or anyone Asian-related.  Haha! Kidding aside, I think she’s beautiful, sexy, and adorable all at the same time! Plus she’s definitely not a bitch, she’s like the most fun girl from that bunch (no wonder Adam’s into her, and I totally ship the two of them!) and her makeover made her cooler than she already is 😛 Aww, I love her so much! But I love her half-black, half-blond hair more! LOL


Adam Smith
See? Biased.  Haha.  I disagree that he’s the most good-looking guy, but he is super charming and you can’t help but love him! I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who found him super annoying during the first few episodes, but as the cycle progresses, you can finally see Adam minus all the partying and frat boy act XD And he is obviously into Shei, so my shipper heart is happy!


Ben Schreen
Guuuh those pink cheeks! How can you resist?! He’s super tall and has an uberly handsome face.  He’s eliminated waaay too early, idgi.  Plus America CHOSE Chantelle over Ben?!?!?! WHAT THE EFF. Anyway, one of the main reasons, at least in my opinion, why he got eliminated early is because he’s such a boy next-door.  He’s cute and takes good pictures but still very humble.  Sigh.  I hope he gets back just in case ANTM plans to do an All-Star Cycle again.

America's Next Top Model

Will Jardell
He’s probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! It sucks that he’s prettier than most of the girls in the competition hahaha, so unfair! I love Will to bits <3 He’s my bet from the start and I really hoped he’d win the cycle, but oh well.  I guess gays cannot have as much fans as straight guys 🙁 Too bad though because in pictures, Will does not look feminine at all (compared to Cory who I love dearly as well) but looks exactly like a Guess model.  Still upset that he didn’t win!


Lenox Tillman


Matthew Smith
Lol okay I cheated.  I can’t choose between Lenox and Matthew! I like Matthew because he seems genuine and an all-around nice guy but Lenox takes super good photos! I like Ivy as well and I find her gorgeous and interesting, too bad we only saw her for a couple of episodes 🙁


When you have favorites, it’s not a surprise that you get annoyed with some of the contestants, too. I didn’t even bother to check their last names, haha.


Ugh where do I start? I thought she’d be one of those really quiet girls in the house but boy, I was wrong.  This girl is unbelievable! I felt super bad for Keith, tbh. She’s so full of lies and negative vibes, I don’t think I can stand her if we live in the same house!


I don’t actually hate him because all this witchcraft he’s talking about is something I do not take seriously~ :)) But on the episode when he violently head-butted Adam…. nope.  Bye Romeo.  You do not mess with Adam.


Every word coming from this girl’s mouth is gargbage.  Sorry for being so harsh, maybe that is what’s normal for her and the people around her, but although she looks gorgeous and expensive, as soon as she opens her mouth, the whole package just becomes cheap.

The Boyz R Back

He started out to be likeable but then he flirted with Mirjana, and that pretty much ended up everything for me.  Haha. Plus he insulted Will! How can you do that to such a perfect human being? T___T;


Of course this post wouldn’t be complete if I don’t share some of my ultimate favorite photos from this cycle! It’s hard to pick just 20 of them! So here are 22 of my favourite photos from this season, I even included the pictures that were not shown in the episodes because the contestants were already eliminated.  Too bad, some of them really killed it in the overseas shoot! (I’m talking about you, Ivy!)

Also, take note that there are still lots of great photos in this cycle that I didn’t include just because I’m biased.  Hahahaha.


Probably my favourite picture of the bunch.  I don’t understand why the judges were not as crazy for this picture.  If I were Shei, I’d totally frame this photo and hang it outside my house for everyone to see XD~

I never liked Chantelle, but she looks so gorgeous here! Look at those eyes! And her hair looks better when straightened, plus Im loving her flawless, mixed color skin.antm_2108_ben_601_v1_vh.6abf2cd3

Am I the only one who thinks this is hot hot hot?

Adam would really make a good Guess model, don’t you think? I love the all-denim picture on the right! His hands are awkward but I’m in love with his face!antm_2108_will_621_v1_vh.9e617453

Aww two of my favourite guys in the whole competition 🙂 There’s a connection here that is so intense, I can almost taste it.  Haha.


Damn those legs! And I love the styling here!antm_2104_ben_0392_v1_kc.fb90ca2c

It’s like I’m actually feeling the wind blowing on his face.  Haha, he’s breathtakingly gorgeous and it really looked like he is in motion. Love the placement of the bag too!


Gahd, if only I can post all her pictures here! I feel like Lenox never had a bad picture this season! Look at those eyes! And I’d totally buy the shoes if I were you.antm_2104_lenox_0888_v2_vh.9fde6d6a

She can be sexy and fierce one time, then totally cute and weird next. :”)antm_2113_ben_0253_v1_mt.5eb8ac6d

*gasp* I LOVE YOU TO BITS GOOD GAHD.antm_2104_matthew_0114_v1_vh.ed61187a

I like this shot because aside from the fact that this is super hard to do, his face looks gorgeous.  I just wished he didn’t look too mature. He’s a year younger than I am!antm_2111_chantelle_0859_v1_mt.20b5a3c5

Nothing special about it, but I love her clothes and shoes, and the bag too! antm_2113_ivy_0468_v1_mt.546bc45a

Upset that she was the first one eliminated because she takes great pictures, most especially during the last parts of the show! This is so beautiful!antm_2111_lenox_0585_v1_mt.2a73a178

Again, I love the style plus her toes pointing like that looks super cute to me.antm_2113_marijana_0329_v1_mt.33eddadd

I always thought Mirjana is beautiful but I really don’t like her that much.  Though I admit she looks so sexy here! It looks candid as well, that’s why the whole picture turned out so much better.


Told you, he’s probably the most beautiful man I’ve seen.  Look at that face! And I love the overall shot, he’s like dancing in the air~antm_2114_lenox_0256_v1_vh.6db63424

I think out of all the photos from this shoot, only Lenox outshone Tyra and that is a very, very good thing.  Also, her hair is so beautiful!! I’ve always admired her hair in almost every episode.antm_2111_matthew_0433_v2_vh.382817d0

I can see this in billboards everywhere.  Matthew looks very model-ish to me XDantm_2103_ben_0180_v2_vh.ea648ad7

Not only I’m biased because I love Ben, but i think his face is stunning in this shot.  His abs were not as defined here, but who the hell cares.  Haha.

Her hair! Her eyes! What’s not to love???antm_2103_adam_0406_v2_vh.272e585e

Adam’s body is godlike.  Period. (and my love for this photo must also be because Adam stares at this every day in the house, it’s kind of funny XD)antm-s21e10-shei

Aww my beautiful Asian goddess! The picture in the right is pure perfection!

I had so much fun looking at the photoshoots from this cycle! Heee. Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂 That’s all for now and happy new year, everyone 🙂

PS If you’re like me who enjoys watching ANTM, make sure to check out ANTM Funny, the posts are hilarious! Happy reading! 🙂


Photo credits : http://iamrian7.wordpress.com and http://facebook.com/ANTMCycle 21

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