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KDrama : Who Are You School 2015

Let me tell you a secret, I only watched and finished two KDramas (not counting those dramas that were dubbed on TV because I didn’t watch all episodes from beginning to end) — My Girl and Dream High.  I tried watching other KDramas like Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, and so many others but didn’t finish them all. I guess I’m more of a Twdrama / JDrama person because I can connect with their characters better.  I’m a bit biased too since I love Taiwan and Japan’s language– Korea, not so much.  And I’m always having a difficult time remembering Korean names!

One of my friends (he’s my fangirl friend’s boyfriend, Alex :D. Hi Jane!) asked me if I watch this series.  It’s very rare for him to recommend KDramas (and I think he knows that I don’t watch a lot of KDramas) so I googled Who Are You and stalked Jane’s twitter as well.  LOL.


When I first read the synopsis (too much spoiler on Wiki, btw), I was intrigued because the leads are identical twins! Since I first read my very first Sweet Valley book yeaaars ago, anything about twins excite me LOLOLOL.  Can’t resist shows and books with twins! There’s Orphan Black, Julio at Julia, Twins at St. Clare, Magic Girls, Fangirl, Harry Potter, etc.

I shook off all the cliche’s– love triangles, amnesia, etc. and started to watch the pilot episode.  GOD I LOVED EVERY SECOND.  This drama managed to insert EVERYTHING I like in a drama– high school love, bullying (for some reason I find shows with bullying as a theme exciting. Example: Life), mystery, family love esp sibling love, boring prince charming, annoying knight in shining armor, girl friendships, a cute sensei, and badass twins of course! 😀 Even the most cliche scenes in this series made me turn into a puddle of goo because of too much feelings. Haha!


Look how adorable this is! I’ve already watched all 14 episodes and there are two more episodes before the finale (I wouldn’t mind if there will be a hundred episodes for this series, tbh) but my heart is still torn and not really sure who will end up with who.  Or if there will be closure at all.  Huhu, why do writers do that?

WARNING: SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT! As in very, very, spoilery XD And spazzy XD

Let me introduce the main characters first. Screencaps from their first scenes in the series 🙂


Kim So-Hyun as Lee Eun Bi

Lee Eun Bi is probably one of the best drama characters I’ve seen in a while.  And Lee Eun Bi as Eun Byul is amazing! This girl is only 15 when she started shooting for this?! WHAT. THE. HECK. I’m a decade older?! She is sooo good.  Without having to say it, you’ll know if she’s Eun Bi or Eun Byul just by looking at her facial expressions, mannerisms, etc.  And because I haven’t watched a lot of KDramas, she kind of reminds me of Suzy 🙂 I just hope that she will be the one to confront So Young in the last two episodes and not Eun Byul.  That’s the point of the switch, right?


Jo Soo-Hyang as Kang So Young

I’m not sure if I disliked a villain this much before her.  She gets on my nerves every single time! Ugh.  I hate her face, I hate her character, I hate everything about her!  Props to the actress, she makes me want to punch my screen every time I see her.  I can’t wait to see her ass kicked by the twins! (especially Eun Bi!)


Kim So-Hyun (again) as Go Eun Byul

I loooove Eun Byul! I like strong, bitchy leads. Haha! Plus she isn’t the evil twin that you typically see in movies and dramas– I love how much she loves and protects Eun Bi.  Sibling love, FTW! And did I mention how amazing Kim So-Hyun is??? Look at that face! The twins were like portrayed by two different people.  And bitchy Eun Byul eating Kang So Young alive is my favorite thing. Haha. I literally clapped in those scenes :))


Nam Joo-Hyuk as Han Yi An

The song Reset comes to mind just by seeing him.  He looks so much like Jeric Teng and a bit of Kai Ko… Anyway, I was rooting for him in the first few episodes because I’m always into boring guys but idk, there were some parts of the drama that were quite disappointing.  Like when Eun Bi’s memories came back, he didn’t even notice that the person standing in front of him is not the same person.  They’ve been friends for 10 years! I also hate how torn he is between the twins.  Uh Yi An, make up your mind and stop ruining my perfect OTP!


Yook Sung-Jae as Gong Tae Kwang

Umm I don’t know where to start.  Haha.  To put it simply: I AM IN LOVE WITH TAE KWANG.  TRULY.  MADLY.  DEEPLY.  This is very unusual!!!! I mean, if I make a list of my drama boyfriends, I tend to always fall for the boring ones, or the second leads, etc.  Nothing like Tae Kwang, actually.

But oh my god.  He’s like the perfect mix of everything I love– he’s like Domyouji, Rui, Sawada Shin, Kusano Akira,  Chen Ling, and a younger version of Eita in one.  He also reminds me of Kyo from Fruits Basket, with that hair and personality.  I admit that I was quite annoyed with his character during the first two episodes he’s in, it’s like he’s always stalking Eun Byul up to the point where he interrupts Yi An and Eun Byul when they FINALLY have a serious conversation. But my heart hurts and feels for him in every scene.

Tae Kwang makes me smile and laugh like an idiot.  I literally rolled over in bed because of too much kilig in some of the scenes.  The way he looks at Eun Bi, the way he speaks… Everything goes straight to my poor fangirl heart.  Nothing and no one can me feel like this except for Asian Dramas.  And at the moment, Tae Kwang holds the biggest part of my heart.  Huhuhu. I refuse to believe he’s the second lead! This is like Dream High all over again.  (And I trust Wikipedia saying that he’s the first lead haha!)

As for the other characters, my personal favorites are Eun Byul’s mom, Teacher Kim (I SWOON), and Kang Sang Joo. 🙂


More random babblings:

1. I LOVE the OST.  I almost always say this in every drama I watch, but the OST for School 2015 reminded me how much I love high school asian dramas.  Every song in every scene makes my heart flip over.  Oh and you can listen to the OST on Spotify!

2. I don’t really care about the flaws because I’m way too biased but there were questions that still remain unsolved up to now.  Like, if the twins are both alive, then whose remains are on that urn back in TongYeong??? Maybe the writers are not that detailed in terms of the crime aspect of the story but there are just important details that people actually notice.

3. I always complain that I find Korean dramas a little too long because Jdramas usually have 8-10 episodes only, but like what I said earlier, I wouldn’t mind if they extend this drama.  Hahaha.  At least we get to see more character build up?

4. Not sure if this applies to Korean Entertainment but I’m really curious if the producers of the show are following how the audience reacts?  I notice that here in the Philippines, even though the story line was meant to end in a certain way, they tend to change it (especially when it comes to choosing partners in a love triangle) in favor of the majority of the viewers.

5.  There are two episodes left to wrap up everything.  Am I the only who feels that this is a bit rushed?  Oh well.  Cannot wait!


I will end this post with videos from XXZANABAEXX  So many feelings ;_____: Her MVs for School 2015 are the best ones I’ve watched so far.

For Eun Bi x Tae Kwang fans, these are for you! 🙂

This one’s my personal favorite! 🙂

My heart bleeds for Tae Kwang huhu.  Writers of the show, please make Eun Bi and Tae Kwang happen.  Also, there are two female and two male leads, so why make it difficult for the fans? Please please.  Two more episodes left! AAAAHHHHH.

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