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Quick Post : Forevermore


I’d like to rant a little even though this show ended a few weeks ago already.  I became a fan of Forevermore ever since it started because of the light, funny, and kilig moments.  It helped a lot that Pepe Herrera (from Rak of Aegis) is part of the cast, too! I love him to death!!! ❤

The series started way better than I, and most of us, expected.  It’s cute and the characters were portrayed well by the young leads.   To be completely honest, Enrique Gil wasn’t really my type (#TeamEnchong) but his role as Xander made me kind of like him a little bit more. Whoever made his hair brown, I love you. 😀

And Liza Soberano, oh wow… This girl is a gem.  She will definitely go places! Not only is she pretty, but she can act way better than girls her age.  She seems sweet in real life as well 🙂

What made me fall in love with the series is not just young romantic love but love for family and friends.  The people of La Preza makes me happy every single night.  I love how Xander reached out to each one of them and not just Agnes’ character.  Even Jay, “the other guy”, I was actually rooting for him at some point.

HOWEVER…. That ending! Or at least the last two or three episodes… I hate hate hate almost everything.  It felt rushed, Erich’s character was suddenly thrown out, and just…no proper closure overall.  I cringe at the second to the last episode, where they were almost half-naked under the rain, shivering… HanaDan / Meteor Garden / *insert Kdrama here*, anyone?

*spoiler* And that wedding proposal, in my opinion, is absolutely unnecessary! I don’t know, Agnes hasn’t even graduated yet!  If that’s the writers’ decision just to prove their point that there’s forever…. Then, okay fine.  *shrugs*

These are the reasons why I prefer Asian Dramas (Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean) over Hollywood and Local teenybopper shows.  Asian Dramas ALWAYS know how to pull all my heartstrings.  I can feel the characters’ happiness, sadness, and pain without all the hollywood effects and glamour.  The lines are simple and not over exaggerated or poetic, like those in our local shows.

I’m just saying that if only the writers researched more, or even tried to be in their characters’ shoes, the final episode would probably end waaay better than what we got.  Sigh.  Maybe I expected too much because the series started out as a pleasant surprise, but that ending just didn’t work for me.

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