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School 2015 Episode 15 Thoughts

More on rants but….

Before anything else, I haven’t watched the whole episode with subs yet.  Yes, I am that excited.  Thank you to all those who livetweeted the entire show, really appreciate it! I don’t think I can handle waiting for DAYS just to know what happened.  And I remember tweeting that I don’t mind spoilers if that meant I’ll hear good news for my ship.  (See craziness here).

And because of that, I will never do this again– watch a Korean Drama while it’s still airing.  The wait is frustrating, all the ship wars are frustrating, the writers are frustrating — everyone just makes me want to pull all my hair out, tbh.


My thoughts, in bullet form:

  • So episode 14 ended with that kiss.  A really, really sweet gesture from TaeKwang (again).  This time, EunBi looked a bit confused but I was happy that she didn’t reject the poor boy.  But then Yi An showed up with that freaking medal in his hand.
  • If you remember the format for the first half of the show, there were interviews at the start of the episode.  There was an instance when he said that there are more important things in his life aside from swimming.  And that’s his Father, and EunByul.  Now… what the hell happened? I understand that he’s in high school, he’s young, and it’s okay to be confused.  What I hate is how the writers seemed to put off his character and made him disappear into the background.  No matter how fans deny it, this is TaeKwang’s show! Remember how his character changed on the second half of the series?  If only the characters paid more attention to his character, fans wouldn’t have reacted.  In terms of acting, SungJae really kills this.  So to compensate with NJH’s robotic acting, they should have made his character the way it was supposed to.  Everything about him doesn’t make sense in my opinion.
  • Now that EunByul is alive, OF COURSE, we would expect that YiAn would go after her because he loves her.  But then, he just gave up after 10 years? Just like that?  And he’s moving on because he likes HER TWIN? WHAT. THE. F*CKING. HELL. Yi An is waaaay better than that! He didn’t even confess, now he’s letting go?  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
  • I’m also disappointed because I initially thought that this show is about twins.  Then why wait that long for EunByul’s character to show up?  To be honest, I prefer her character more than EunBi’s.  Her role, to me, is as important as EunBi’s.  And in scenes where EunBi should be the one standing up for herself, it’s always EunByul who makes things happen for her.  Damn girl.
  • I tweeted this earlier :  Umm what the fuck did TaeKwang do to deserve all this shit?  His mother left him, his dad’s in prison, EunBi rejected him, he has NO FRIENDS.  What else? The boy just needs to be loved! Writers, is that so hard?
  • What pissed me off the most is that after all the amazing TaeKwang episodes, because KDramas ( I assume?) is so big on Destinies and First Loves, they decided to just put Yi An in between TaeKwang and EunBI (my ship, obviously).  Why make a love triangle on the last two episodes?! Oh wait I know.  Ratings!!!! Ratings have increased because of SungJae, but they kept on teasing fans just for show.  Uh, users.
  • Forgot to mention this earlier but Yi An got it all.  He may not be rich but he has swimming, he has the TWINS, he has friends, he has his Dad… Maybe he’s just too immature but I find him really selfish.  And even violent at times! What happened to the always-smiling, forever-gentle Yi An on the first episodes? 🙁 It makes me sad..
  • I should have written this post last night but oh well.  I said that if this ends with YiAn and EuBi, I’ll forget that the last two episodes even existed.  Episode 14 will always be my finale.  If they’re really going for Yian/EunBi, they should have shown YiBi moments on critical episodes!
  • And not because I ship Eun Bi and Tae Kwang but I really really feel like Eun Bi only likes Yi An as a friend as well.  It’s just that she felt guilty by lying to him so the way she acts around him is different.  Compared to Tae Kwang who accepts her 100%.  I don’t understand the logic of this drama at all.  If all kdramas are like this, I’m not sure if I want to watch more.  It’s just so heartbreaking.
  • I remembered being heartbroken by finales of various shows and dramas like HIMYM and Hotaru no Hikari.  But I remember Dream High and I feel a tiny bit of hope.  And because I was so desperate last night, I even googled, “KDramas where the second leads get the girl.” HAHAHAHA good job.
  • I had a theory that the writers of the show are just teasing fans because I think there are more TaeBi shippers.  So they finally gave YiBi their episode because TaeBi = end game.  Apparently not.
  • Lastly, there are other amazing characters on this show that were under-utilized.  Oh well.  Kdramas.  Don’t exactly know what to feel about you.

I still have a lot to say especially since the final episode has been released (and I spoiled myself, of course).  I’d like to thank all those who tweeted and fangirled with me for the past nights (most of them are teenagers, btw.  Makes me feel super old!) and for being with me and my ship.  I’m quite disappointed with how everything turned out, but I’d make another post once I watch both episodes with English subs already.

Until the next post! I’m sorry, I just have a lot of feelings.


A post with a thousand words! Hahahahaha.  I’ve never been *this* invested in any KDrama before.  Heck, I’ve never been obsessed with any Asian Drama like this since College.  Ahhh, what a bittersweet feeling :”)

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  • I have the same feeling like you and was really irritated with the way the writer teasing TaeBi shipper. How could they let Eun Bi end up with Yian after so many TaeBi moments. What made me most annoyed is the development in characteristic of Yian, which was so nonsense and not consistent that destroyed both the character and the actor Yoo Hyuk. Anyway, I felt so happy that I watch this drama and get to know my boy, Sung Jae <3

    • Same same 🙂 It’s such a shame because there are lots of things that could’ve happened, but sadly, it didn’t. The plot became more and more disappointing as we reach the finale. Good thing Taekwang always saves the day 🙂 Haha. One of my favorite characters ever!

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