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KPop : BtoB (Born to Beat)

I was supposed to write about my ~feelings~ on School 2015’s finale a couple of nights ago but I’m not really in the mood.  Maybe because I’m still in denial?  LOL. This drama makes us fans go completely insane.

Anyway, because I’d like to feel a little better, I decided to give SungJae’s boy group a try.  And I am so glad I did!

HOLY COW THEY SOUND LIKE KAT-TUN!!! (Listen to Insane! It’s like KAT-TUN more than 7 years ago– with all six of them *sniffs*)

I haven’t listened to a lot of KPop songs.  I only know the REALLY popular ones here in the Philippines (like 2NE1 songs for example).  But I didn’t really bother to watch their concerts or even listen to their music.  Some songs I know were from Korean Dramas I watched like the OSTs for Dream High, You’re Beautiful, and School 2015.  It’s been a while since I got addicted to a boy / girl group because back then, download links and subs weren’t as readily available.

I’m very choosy when it comes to Jpop/TwPop because I don’t think I can keep up with so many idols all at once. LOL.  From the start, I’ve loved Japanese and Taiwanese songs especially since I learned most of them through asian dramas too.  So because of my love for School 2015, once again, I tried Kpop and now I’m hooked! I am *that* obsessed with SungJae right now.

If not for SungJae, I wouldn’t even attempt to listen to BtoB’s songs and/or watch concerts and MVs.  It’s been almost a week now– I did nothing but listen to their albums and play my favorite videos of them on repeat.  Haha! I also watched several subbed interviews and I find myself squeeing– I remember 17-year old me oh my god.  Best fangirl years of my life.

SungJae reminds me of my ~feelings~ for Kamenashi years ago.  But I was only 18 then and Kame’s around 22? Now I’m 25 and SungJae’s just 20! What even.  He’s like a baby! Hahaha.  But nope, it will not stop me from liking him.  His role as Gong Tae Kwang in School 2015 is enough reason for me to listen to his songs and watch his future dramas 🙂

As of now I can’t still name all of BtoB’s members, huhu. Aside from me not being good at Korean names, I just can’t focus on the others with SungJae’s presence in the group.  Haha! I just remembered that they visited the Philippines last summer for a concert.  FML for not knowing about them sooner! Huhuhu.

Even though I’m new to everything KPop-related, I can’t help but notice how similar KAT-TUN and BtoB are! Maybe it’s just me because I haven’t really tried listening to other KPop groups, but BotB has this KAT-TUN feel that I really love ♥ Like for example, their MVs and photoshoots have this dark, sexy vibe, but in interviews, they’re just…crazy.  They’re like kids off-cam (well most of them are.  Their oldest member is STILL younger than I, oh my god), it’s so cute.  And their music, like what I’ve said *above*, is very similar to KAT-TUN’s especially because of the rap and the really high parts of their songs.  Their song Insane reminds me of Rescue a whole lot.

Aside from their catchy songs, what got me 100% hooked is their dancing! asfjndkgljd they can dance so well! Maybe Korean choreographers are really that good because I CANNOT STOP watching their dance practices.  The talents of these boys *_____* Also: listen to them Live and be mesmerized :3

Because they’re making a comeback (yayyy!!!), I’ll be sharing my favorite BotB songs and videos ♥ I’ve been playing these the whole week! I find their performances the best way to distract me from the disaster that is School 2015.  LOL.  Videos under the cut!

Winter’s Tale
First BtoB song I heard! I love it to death and has been on loop since Monday.  Haha! I already watched all versions and I don’t think I’ll get tired of it.  I chose this performance because SungJae looks really cute in it.  Haha.  It’s probably their catchiest song with the happiest melody and the cutest choreography– but the lyrics are just so sad... 🙁

This is like the Korean version of KAT-TUN’s Rescue.  Haha.

Wow… You have no idea how often I watch this in a day.  Haha! I love the choreography, I love the beat, I loooove SungJae’s hair, and damn they look so sexy here.  And it’s just a freakin’ dance practice??? Good job, Korea!

You’re So Fly
If you didn’t at least hum the Na na na na na part of the song, then idk.  Go away.  Hahaha.

Beep Beep
They still sound amazing live! Haha.  I also love the choreography for this one!

Other songs I like are : Thriller, Happening (loooove this! I just can’t find a decent video), U&I, My Girl, and Because It’s Christmas 🙂 Their songs are all available on Spotify so please please listen to their albums 🙂

You HAVE TO watch them sing acapella too! *wipes tears*

Since they debuted just last 2012, I can still catch up! Hopefully soon, I can be proud to declare that I’m *officially* a Melody 😉 First step: know the other members’ names.  Haha.


Pictures and videos are not mine *u* Credits to the owner/s!

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