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Six Reasons Why I Love Yook Sungjae

If you’ve been following me on twitter, it’s impossible to not notice that I tweet about this boy 24/7 since I started watching Who Are You : School 2015 😀 After so many years, I finally gave in to KPop. Haha, Yook Sungjae, I blame you! XD

Just a little background, recently I discovered that I’ve already seen Sungjae YEARS ago, probably around 2012 before their debut! I was watching K-Pop Star Hunt on Star World and there was this performance that caught my attention– yep, Troublemaker.  Lucica was such a mess that time but her partner there looked and sounded like a pro.

Three years later, I’m writing about that boy.  I was 22 then, Sungjae was 17.  OMFG.

Anyway, age gap drama aside, here are six reasons why I love Yook Sungjae.  And yeah, I chose six, just because 😉  I can list a hundred reasons why I love him but this would be all for now~ winks

6. His crazy sense of humor
The moment I fell in love with his role in School 2015, I immediately googled the actor who portrayed him and the first video that appeared is “Sungjae Watermelon“.  I got curious so I watched the clip.  No going back after that :))

Watch the video! You won’t regret it, I promise.  😀 Or not.  Hahaha. This kid will never be normal in my eyes :))

Try watching the following videos too: Sungjae as Cheon Song Yi from My Love from the Stars, in a tutu, dancing to Sunmi’s 24 hours, Compilation of his obsession with Anna and Elsa (too cute!), someone also made a compilation of Sungjae’s laugh— bless you.

Last but not the least, he broke another watermelon on Weekly Idol just about a week ago.  Boy is C R A Z Y. :))

5. His weird talents


Yes, not singing or dancing.  This includes impersonating different animals (a fish, a bird, a piranha), a tree, and yep, Pokemon.  Second hand embarrassment is normal as soon as you decide to stan Yook Sungjae. Hahaha.  He’s too cute for words, huhu. I want to squish him and put him in my pocket :3

Aside from all these, Sungjae is the prettiest member of BTOB as a girl, imho.  I mean, look at this!!!

And this:


Here’s a video from BTOB’s No No No performance, Sungjae focus 😉 YOU’RE WELCOME.

4. His singing and dancing skills

I’m not sure if I’m being biased here, but because Sungjae is part of BTOB, I can proudly say that he’s one talented guy– be it singing, dancing, or even rapping.  He always says that he’s the least talented member but I refuse to believe that.  They are equally talented but he has his own charms.  Personally, I love his voice the most in BTOB 🙂

He joined King of Masked Singer this year as well.  I heard many people were surprised? And then there’s me, surprised why these people were shocked that he sings that well. Hahaha. It sucked that I only got to know him just this year, so I’m really thankful for School 2015~

Some of my favorite Sungjae performances include : It’s Okay (the Mugeoun jimeul naeryeonohgiga kills me~~ XD), Photograph (with APink’s Namjoo, I’ve been listening to this everyday these past few days LOL), Troublemaker (with 4 Minute’s So Hyun, waaah so sexy), and of course I had to include Doll (his duet with Minhyuk, SO MUCH LOVE). For their MVs, I’m so in love with his part on You Can Cry 🙂

He did one track for School 2015 too and someone made a Taekwang/Eunbi fanvid using Sungjae’s version of Confession. I dare you not to fall in love with him after watching all these, huhu.

Now for his dancing, this I know I’m too biased (HAHA), but he’s my favorite btob dancer too.  Huhu.  I love watching him dance because he doesn’t look like a little boy when dancing~ Maybe Ilhoon is better, but I can’t really focus on the other members that much when they perform, haha.  Perfect example : Wow Dance Practice!

This is one of the reasons why I started loving BTOB.  Heeee~

3. His good looks

Understatement of the year! Haha.  So, let’s start with his hair.  How is it possible that he looks good in any hairstyle, in any hair color?!?! (He even looks cute with his hideous hair in Plus Nine Boys lol)


Plus those eyes!!! melts And skin! And long legs! And pretty hands! I can’t even.  He’s the most good looking Korean (I had to specify Korean haha) person I’ve ever laid my eyes on~ 🙂 Hohoho ♥

2. He is my Gong Tae Kwang

Because everything started here 🙂 I can’t stress how thankful I am that I got to know Sungjae because of this drama.  Since high school days, I’ve noticed how I tend to fall in love with idol-turned-actors (Matsumoto Jun, Kamenashi Kazuya, Vic Zhou, etc.).  If I haven’t seen them in dramas, it’s possible that I wouldn’t even listen to any of their songs, lol.


I think overall, I’m more of an Asian Drama fan than KPop/Jpop? Or at least for me, they should go together.  That’s why I’m itching for another drama with Sungjae as the lead (and hopefully he gets the girl, lol).  I just want the poor boy to rest and finish his BTOB album promotion 🙂

I’ve also read somewhere that there were movie / TV offers but his managers were looking for the best projects.  I think that’s the best decision, too.  It’s quite difficult to choose after his role as Gong Tae Kwang, so it would be better to wait for the right one 🙂

CEP1RcXUIAIlHdzHere’s angsty Taekwang for you~

God knows how much I love Sungjae as Gong Taekwang.  Of all the dramas I’ve watched, he’s in my Top 5 favorite characters, that’s for sure.  Just seeing his happy face makes my heart go doki doki.  Seeing how hurt he is breaks my heart into pieces, too.

Ah, just typing this makes me so emotional, OMG.  Bottomline is, I love both Taekwang AND Sungjae.  Someday, I just know Sungjae will be recognized as a good actor crosses fingers 🙂 It’s impossible to not see his potential!  He’s one of the best idol actors out there!

PS I ship him with Kim So Hyun!!!!!! ;D And I’m so happy that so many Melodies are with me! Hihihihi.

1. His love for BTOB ♥

Loving Sungjae includes loving BTOB, I think Sungjae has always made it clear that he is part of the group.  And if there’s anything I regret, it’s the fact that I didn’t know about them sooner.

I thought I’d only love Sungjae and wouldn’t care about the others but little by little I get to love all of them 🙂 Sungjae’s trying so hard this year to promote BTOB and I was so touched how the other members acknowledged all his hard work instead of getting jealous.  Remember when BTOB visited him on set? Hearts all over~

I felt like when it comes to BTOB, he’d rather forget himself than his Hyungs.  In almost every interview, he never forgets to mention them and how he always seeks for their approval.  He may bully them all the time but I think he values their friendship more than anything 🙂

And I quote:

“Let’s smile!! I’m so happy because I’m BTOB.  Melodies are also happy to be Melody, right? Thanks so much~ Don’t say sorry, not even in the future either! I became a singer because I wanted to give happiness and make people happy, if I hear that you’re sorry then I don’t feel stregth, okay?  You guys did your best, this is a problem that can be solved if we just improve more! Don’t fight and not only me, but the Hyungs are watching, too.  So let’s be strong together and always have a good atmostphere and continue rising up full of fighting spirit! I love you.” (credit: btob translations, @mellostop/twitter)

This, coming from a kid who breaks watermelons with his head.  Sometimes I’m surprised how he can say all these beautiful things ♥ (still, this is different from the YSJ in WGM but that’s another issue haha) So mature, Maknae.

I don’t know how to end this post so here are some of my favorite Sungjae pictures 🙂

(all photos are not mine :D)

9 Replies to “Six Reasons Why I Love Yook Sungjae”

  • Reading your entry, I feel like you talk my mind. I am also more interested in drama rather than Kpop/Jpop and I used to a fan girl over Matsumoto Jun after his amazing role in Hana Yori Dango. This year, luckily, I know about Sung Jae thanks to School 2015 and my life totally be different. Being a fan for a boy 5 -year younger than me =)) It sounds crazy for a girl who is already 25 years old but I am very happy. He brings me back the time 6 years ago when I was young, fresh and carefree. I start to look for everything about this boy and his group and totally fall for all of them. Now, like you, I listen to their songs everyday and even support them by buying album, voting in any music programs they perform. Their songs are so good and I feel so sad that they never get 1st win. Sadly, they will end their promotion in Korea this week, and it may less news and info about them.

    • I wish I can talk to you somewhere else! Thank you for this comment, it made my heart so happy 🙂 Seems like we have a lot of things in common 🙂

      I was a crazy Sawada Shin fan back then, and I watched HanaDan for Matsujun too! Sungjae gave me all those feelings as well, he makes my heart go doki doki ♥

      Agree with everything you said! Let’s work harder in their next comeback so they can get number one! 😀 Do you have twitter?

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