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One OK Rock Live In Manila

(All photos from Rappler because I’m miiiiles away from the stage, huhu.)

It’s been almost two weeks since I watched One Ok Rock’s Concert at SM Mall of Asia but I can still feel all the magic. I can still hear the loud pounding of the drums, the crowd’s applauses and cheers. I can even feel the band’s genuine smiles. Ahhh, that sounds so cheesy but that’s what I’ve been feeling these past few days. I’ve only known One OK Rock because of Rurouni Kenshin’s OST, so THANK YOU Kenshin– as always, better late than never.  I’ve always been into JPop but I avoided JRock because I’m not too fond of Rock Music.  I missed out so much to be honest.

To prepare for the concert, I played OOR songs during my daily commute, while working, while reading, etc.  I downloaded their live performances too (which are definitely better than studio recordings!).  I even got a copy of their Taipei set list so I can review :))

Speaking of their Taipei Concert, I was in Taipei, Taiwan last January 14-18 but my friends and I had NO IDEA that One Ok Rock was there! I attended their Manila Concert the next day (January 19) instead. :”)

Anyway, the concert started around 8PM.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I know they are really good live, but I didn’t expect them to be that good! It was surreal.

We were seated in Lowerbox C– one of the biggest regrets of my life, LOL.  I had no money when we bought tickets! Haha.  But really, we should’ve bought VIP tickets.  Imagine how thrilled and excited we were the whole concert, how much more if the band was just right in front of us!

The stage was simple and I loved the lights.  The concert organizers should have placed a large screen so people at the back (like me, huhu) can see the members’ faces clearly.

When Toru, Taka, Ryota, and Tomoya entered, the audience went wild and I immediately stood up! Everything’s crazy right from the start, two hours went by reaallly fast 🙁 And since I know the set list, I dreaded the moment when it will end.  Taka sang the first five fast-paced songs without missing a single beat.  I’m not sure how that happened but it was super amazing.

Afterwards, Toru got his acoustic guitar and Taka sang Heartache– one of my favorite songs from them.  I’m a big fan of their much slower songs, heee.  Before the concert I prayed that they would sing in Japanese as well.  Their most recent album consists of english songs and even though the songs are good, it doesn’t have that same effect compared to the songs in Japanese/English Lyrics.  Personally, I think their Japanese songs have greater emotional impact.

So when Taka announced that he’ll be singing in Japanese, the audience lost it.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one wishing for the original versions of the songs.  When Taka sang Heartache, I had tears in my eyes.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL.  I thought the lights were not enough as some people didn’t use the lights of their phones, but this picture here is everything:

What made it even more magical is the fact that the audience can sing EVERY WORD of their songs– even in Japanese! I was so touched and so happy for the band.  Filipinos loved them so much :’)

I was aware that we weren’t allowed to take videos but some people still did, so for those who didn’t have a chance to watch them live, I’m sharing this video of Heartache for you 🙂  But let me warn you, no video can ever justify how good they are live. I watched almost all their concert clips for the past years and was blown-away, but it still isn’t as good when you hear Taka sing live or even see Toru, Tomoya, and Ryota play their respective musical instruments.

Ahhh, babe. ♥ Another reason why I hate myself for not being in the VIP area! Toru looks fiiiine! He’s the only member of the band who didn’t rest– he’s just playing the guitar the whole time! Huhu I love him to death.  Next time, I’d be closer, I promise!

iRocktography: See what music looks like...

ISTG TAKA IS NOT HUMAN. How can he run all over the place and jump and skip and split mid-air and yet belt-out the highest of notes? I can’t even. Sometimes I forget that Toru is my favorite because Taka sings so well!

He can sing anything– like this awesome part in Clock Strikes or even the last parts of The Beginning while headbanging with Toru and Ryota.  He was never out of tune, he was flawless and perfect, no exaggerations there.  It felt like the audience was hypnotized– it’s unbelievable how everyone can be so in sync with Taka– their claps, cheers, jumps, everything.  His stage presence is overflowing, and this is coming from me, who wasn’t able to see his face.  He’s that awesome.  And he PROMISED everyone that they will definitely be back.  He must’ve loved the Filipino fans :”)

iRocktography: See what music looks like...

After they finished their set, everyone cheered for an encore. I knew there would be a couple more songs but I chanted along with the crowd.  The audience shouted and clapped, but when it was accompanied with stomping and loud cheers of “We want more!”, I got goosebumps.

A few minutes later, they were back with another favorite of mine–Wherever You Are AKA my wedding song.  (Kidding. Or not.) Here’s their performance:

Hands down, this is their BEST version of Wherever You Are ♥ Look at Taka’s face (6:05) when everyone started singing the Japanese lyrics! He looks so touched :’) Once again, I got teary-eyed, especially when he tapped his chest because maybe, he genuinely felt our love.  Sigh. (see gif below!)

Two hours is over before we even realized it 🙁 (And we waited for them outside for an hour for just a glimpse LOL) This is the first ~*Asian*~ concert I’ve been to and I’m so thankful I went! No regrets.  I had so much fun, I felt so honored to hear Taka sing live, huhu.

Hope they come back soon! Next time, maybe it would be better if we all just stop taking pictures/videos of the whole show and just enjoy the moment 🙂 That’s what I did and I just know that the experience is much better XD (I did ask my boyfriend to record Wherever You Are tho since he’s so calm while my friend and I fangirled our hearts out lol)

Ending this post with the best moment of the entire show:

Aishiteru yo ♥

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