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Cheese in the Trap : Thoughts Before the Finale

I thought about this drama a lot even when I’m at work (LOL, it’s not busy season! *defensive*) because I have no one to discuss it with. This morning, I made a draft just to vent out my frustrations but after watching episode 14 as soon as I came home, it got more confusing than ever. What made it worse is Dramabeans’ The Rise and Fall of Cheese in the Trap, I honestly had no idea about this whole controversy. In fact, for the past fourteen episodes, I felt like Dramabeans and I are on the same page. Forgive me, this post will probably be too messed up and/or spazzy but guh, I just have to let this out.


Take note that I haven’t read the webtoon so I watched this without knowing anything. About a month or so, I downloaded so many pilot eps of different dramas and CITT caught my attention right away. I love a good RomCom because I’m cheesy as hell BUT I love dark stories, too. It’s funny how this drama has both elements in it, so I ended up watching at least one episode a day. It’s quite obvious that the drama revolves around Seol and Jung as mentioned in the synopsis. What I didn’t expect is that other characters have their own stories too. That’s one of the reasons why this drama is so frustrating– we understood almost every character’s roles but our main lead, Jung, still remains one of the biggest question marks of the show. What is he, really? There are so many things I don’t understand. Before I go all #TeamInHo, I almost forgot how I liked Jung during the first few episodes. Park Hae Jin did such a good job in this role. He’s sweet and scary, good and evil, all at the same time. Hmm, maybe he was a psychopath? We got a little bit of his backstory here and there but for me, it didn’t solve anything. Maybe I got to understand his personality better, but all his other actions are still weird. Because of that, my love for him keeps on fading. After Episode 9 or 10, the episode when he ignored Baek In Ho in the middle of the fight, I’m pretty sure I already stopped liking him. If his jealousy and misunderstanding of In Ho are the only reasons, doesn’t that make him so shallow?

Please remember that everything in this post is based on my feelings alone regarding the drama. And that I’m very biased ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, obviously, I’m In Ho all the way. From the very start, I know it will not end well in terms of romance because Seol made it clear that In Ho is just a friend AND I AM FINE WITH THAT! If School 2015 didn’t give me a second-lead trauma, I would still hope that In Ho might get the girl, but In Ho, like Taekwang, will obviously not get the girl just because they’re the second leads. And KDramas work that way. What’s disappointing is that CITT shoved In Ho in our faces (Taekwang deja vu!) by giving him more (and I meant 80% of the recent eps are about him) screentime vs. Jung, sometimes even Seol. To be honest, I almost forgot how awesome Jung/Seol were since all I remember is In Ho. The show turned into In Ho’s story, his dreams, his frustrations, his growth, and realizations. I am not complaining because I think the way they presented In Ho’s character has more depth than Jung’s, not to mention more adorable too (heeee. Seo Kang Joon, I love you already!). So yep, I’m biased.

Bottomline is, as a normal human being, I’d choose In Ho over Jung ANY TIME. I’d be rooting for In Ho (not even as Seol’s boyfriend) as a person, as a character. His character development is one of the best things for me, but I understand how fans of the original webtoon were so angry (leave SKJ out of this, you guys. He’s just doing his job and he’s amazing) because the drama revolved around him recently. I also found out that some of PHJ’s scenes were given to him, too. Well… that’s rude but it’s not the actor’s fault.

We only have two episodes left (the finale airs tonight!) and there are still so many unanswered questions. Sigh. I also feel like I have all these thoughts in my head earlier that I haven’t pointed out yet, thus, the part 1 in the title. Haha!

I’m too sleepy to think what to write next, haha so expect another post. Hopefully by then, I already watched the finale. I will try super hard not to peek at spoilers, but ugh. IDK, knowing me, I cannot go to sleep until I find out what happens. LOL.

Bye for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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