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Here We Come-Back! A1 Live in the Philippines 2016




I freaked out right after I read this announcement from Rappler while I’m in the office earlier.  Even before F4, KAT-TUN, and BTOB, A1 already had my heart.  I have all their albums (in cassette tapes!), I collected their posters and photocards, I even have their special VCDs, and other merchandise.  And if I remember correctly, as soon as we got an internet connection (Digitel prepaid / dial-up!!! OMG), I saved pictures and webpages of A1 as much as I could.  See, I’ve been a fangirl all my life, lol.



I’ve never known anyone who is a bigger A1 fan than I am.  Most of my friends were into either NSYNC and Backstreet Boys then because they were cool and they can dance.  A1 can barely dance, but they are really, really good singers.  And no that’s not because Paul is cute and Ben is pretty but you know, real talent.  I’m not saying the others weren’t as talented tho.  I guess A1’s music reached out to my younger self the most, for some unknown reason.  I’ll figure it out in two months 😉



Anyway, I don’t want to make this longer!  I’d save all the feelings until I get to see them live FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  Tickets will be available by August 12, Friday, and whatever happens, I’d get those VIP seats.  I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ALL MY LIFE AND NOW ITS HERE.



Hope you all had a great day! ❤︎

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