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Favorite Asian Horror Films So Far

I LOOOOOOVE horror movies, especially asian horror films. There’s something about them that’s way creepier than Western ones– must be the overall tone, the setting, the music, or the lack of special effects. They tend to feel so real that whenever I watch one, it takes forever to get the scenes out of my head and I end up having nightmares. But I still love them. Heh.

Ring 0: Birthday (Japan)

Everyone knows Sadako by now already, but this is my favorite out of all three Ring movies. A bit biased here because Nakama Yukie plays Sadako, but seeing her face instead of just a lady with long black hair covering her face makes the movie a hundred times scarier.

Favorite part: Sadako coming out of the television set never gets old.

Ju-On: The Grudge (Japan)

There’s way too many sequels and remakes but the original one is still the best and scariest.

Favorite Part: The shampoo scene! T_T

hSutter (Thailand)

Story-wise, I still think Shutter is one of the best horror films ever. And oh, watch it for the male lead (Ananda Everingham) as well– he looks a lot like our very own, Piolo Pascual <3

Favorite part: I don’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t watched it, but the last 20 minutes of the movie = nightmares for life.

The Eye (Hong Kong)

Watched this with my high school friends yeaaars ago and it still remains as one of my favorite horror films. The movie is sadder than scary, to be honest. Watch it!

Favorite part: Old man in the elevator , worst ride ever.

Coming Soon (Thailand)

I swear, Thailand makes the scariest horror movies ๐Ÿ™ Can’t sleep for weeks after watching this. I’m a scaredy-cat.

Favorite part: Chaba. Enough said.

Dumplings (Hong Kong)

This is actually part of the The Three Extremes movie but I found this to be the most disturbing.

Favorite part: Mrs. Lee eating crunchy dumplings.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korea)

Scary and super confusing. Watched this when I was a lot younger, I had to re-watch and discuss this with friends so I can understand. Haha.

Favorite part: Flashbacks of the older sister

Sick Nurses (Thailand)

Haha, my brother and I loved this. Gory, scary, and sometimes funny. But more on the gory side. Like, really gory.

Favorite part: When the jaw of one of the nurses fell off. Mwahaha.

One Missed Call (Japan)

Shibasaki Kou! Just hearing the ringtone gives me goosebumps.

Favorite part: Ghost walking upside down

Wag Kang Lilingon (Philippines)

Yayy, a movie from the Philippines! This one is so good, it deserves more love <3 When can we have another Filipino horror movie as good as this one?

Favorite part: Didn’t expect that plot twist at all!

The Wig (Korea)

More hair! The story is ridiculous but there were some pretty good jump scares.

Favorite part: When the wig starts to become the owner’s real hair _

Alone (Thailand)

Another great horror movie from Thailand! It sucks that RF copied the movie’s main storyline (even the posters are the same!) but I will always recommend this one over Guni-Guni anytime. I’ve always been fascinated by twins, too.

Favorite part: Childhood flashbacks of the main leads

Pee Mak (Thailand)

No wonder it’s one of Thailand’s highest grossing films. I was able to watch it in the cinemas and I think it’s romantic, scary, and really funny. Mario Maurer is in it, too. As well as the hilarious cast from Phobia ๐Ÿ™‚

Favorite part: The last scenes in the temple.

I have more horror movies listed here ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s quite sad they don’t make a lot of asian horror movies nowadays. So if you happen to have recommendations please let me know and I’ll check them out! I miss binge-watching horror movies.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy this long weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ โค๏ธŽ<< p>< /p>

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