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2017 Global Peace Concert One K in Manila

March 02, 2017
Mall of Asia Arena

This moment finally happened 🙂 I admit I wasn’t too excited at first because BTOB’s fanmeet was potponed twice already.  I just shrugged off all the negativity because I saw Sungjae for the first time.  FINALLY.

As you can see we were seated far away from the stage.  I had no money left (I’m still bitter because I used my money to buy BTOB SVIP fanmeet tickets and now it’s gone) so I just bought Silver seats.

The whole venue was filled in a few minutes.  Look at all those pretty lightsticks! Blue and green colors dominated the whole area.  Most of my seatmates were multi-fandom so I didn’t get a lot of Melodies around.  But on the GA seats above us, they all have these BTOB banners and light sticks and they all sang the fanchants. I felt proud as a Melody!

I wish I brought binoculars, too….

To be honest, I don’t remember the lineup anymore so let me just spazz a bit 😛


Sorry if I took pictures of the screen, he was too far for me to take pictures 🙁 But let me just say, without a doubt, Yook Sungjae got the LOUDEST SCREAMS.  I am so, so happy for him!! It also helped that Goblin is currently airing, maybe that’s why he was so popular.  I almost cried when he introduced himself~

I enjoyed CNBLUE’s performance, too! Their fanservice is so good.

Guess who downloaded B1A4 songs right after the concert? Heeee.  I enjoyed B1A4’s songs the most! They were so cute and the songs and choreo were totally my type ;P

ShinEE is definitely the star of the night.  Pinoy Shawols are screaming so loud.  I heard the last time they were here was at least 5 years ago?

Now I finally understood the Psy hype.  His live performances are soooo good!

A mini thread of what happened:

I’ll finish this with one of the best performances I’ve seen in my life so far.  Eunkwang and Hyunsik’s version of Anak.  I cried and screamed and sang my heart out during the whole performance.  To say that I’m proud is an understatement 🙂 Do yourself a favor and watch this!


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