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Asian Dramas 2016 Part 2

Before we end the first quarter of the year, I made a list of the Asian Dramas I watched last 2016. First part is here! πŸ™‚


Entourage (Korea)
Just thinking about this drama makes me sad. I only got to watch two episodes and I didnt even make it past the 30-minute mark on the second ep. Pilot episodes are very crucial for me because if it did not catch my attention the first time, I most probably will not continue. Thats what happened here in this drama. The show is so overhyped especially weeks before it was aired so everyones pretty excited. I admit I considered watching this just because of Seo Kang Joon who undoubtedly stole my heart as Baek In Ho (Cheese in the Trap) by the beginning of the year. It also stars Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988) who easily became one of my favorites as well. Now that Im writing this now and watched two dramas of two amazing actors Jo Jin Woong (Signal) and Lee Kwang Soo (City Hunter), I still have no plans of watching the drama. I feel so bad for the cast. Just look at Dramabeans Entourage recaps.

W Two Worlds (Korea)
The first half was mind-blowing and unique, especially since I got into manhwas a lot lately (Im reading ongoing series weekly!). The leads have a lot of chemistry and both are pretty to look at, but I dont feel anything. I cant relate to the characters, I cant seem to care about them the way I was supposed to. Maybe Im not a fan of the leads? Lee Jong Suk is a good actor, sure, but I hate it when actors cant make me feel πŸ™


Age of Youth (Korea)
The drama might be short(er) than the average Korean Drama but I loved it so much and I was hoping for an extension. Luckily, were getting a season 2 with all the five girls! πŸ™‚ If I were to choose my favorite girl, its definitely Kang Yi Na! Shes beautiful and strong but totally misunderstood. I love that I see myself in all five girls and for sure Im not the only one who felt that way. As a fan of bromance and boy friendships, I thought I wouldnt be able to love girl friendships the same way but this drama proved me wrong. Aww, now I want sisters! Uh, and now that I think about it, I love Yoon Jin and Ji Won so much too.

A Girl and Three Sweethearts (Japan)
I thought this will be one of my favorite dramas for 2016, but episode 8 ruined whats supposedly a fun, summer-y jdrama. Not a big fan of Yamazaki Kento but I ship him with Kiritani Mirei since Heroine Disqualified! This drama made me love Miura Shohei even more. Team Chiaki all the way! Well, until episode 7. I want to forget the rest of the series.

Bring It On, Ghost (Korea)
I was hesitant to watch it at first because the ten-year age gap bothered me (and Sohyun needs to act with Sungjae in a drama again, SOON). Good thing Taec is believable as a twenty-something college student, and Sohyun, a sassy 19-year old. Its like they met halfway so character-wise, they do have an age gap of just five years or so. The romance isnt too emphasized but I liked it, maybe because of the supporting cast as well. The last few episodes bored me though, I almost didnt watch the finale. But if youre a 2PM fan, you will surely be proud of Taec here! He has improved so much since Dream High!

Healer (Korea)
To me, Healer is flawless. From its male and female leads, up to the supporting characters, I have no complaints. The story is gripping and well-written too. I love thrillers and romance and this show gave me both. I have two Healer posts left on my drafts but I never got to finish, huhu. Chae Young Shin is one of my favorite drama leads, as well as Park Bong Soo. It left me wanting more that the moment I finished the drama, I want to watch it over and over just to feel everything again. Healers finale is quite disappointing for some but for me, it still felt badass and full of heart. God, I love this. Everyone from Ji Chang Wook, to Park Min Young, to Kim Ji Tae, and of course, Kim Mi Kyung A+++!!!

Juhan Shuttai (Japan)
Like manhwas, I learned to love mangas as well. Im not a huge manga fan (I like colors and Im shallow) but Ive read a couple of mangas since 2015. The drama revolves around (printed) manga and honestly, Im not that interested. Yes, I love jdramas because they depict the slice-of-life genre really well but I usually go for it if the setting is in school or if theres romance involved. Juhan Shuttai has none of that but I managed to finish it because of the actors Kento Nagayama (Eitas younger brother!!!), Odagiri Joe (I know his name and has a looong list of discography but its the first time I watched him!), and Sakaguchi Kentaro (aka Japans Seo Kang Joon, heee). Unfortunately, I didnt like the lead actress so most of the time I got distracted while watching. But its a cute series overall.

Love Me If You Dare (China)
Can I just forget that I watched 24 episodes of this drama? It stars Wallace Huo who is one of my crushes way way back Dolphin Bay days. Read the reviews and its mostly positive and I kind of understand why. But it just didnt have that effect on me. The female lead (Sandra Ma) annoyed me to no end, oh my goodness. Shes not the typical pretty, just the usual cute girl-next-door. But she delivers her lines like shes whispering ALL THE FRICKIN TIME. Its so annoying, I hope its just the dubbing..? The villain and Wallace acting were not that good either. Even their characters are super inconsistent, I dont get it. There were two reasons though that kept me watching: 1. Fu Zi Yu (Andrew Yin), the cutest assistant ever and 2. Xu Ran (Wang Kai), the hottest policeman Ive ever laid my eyes on. He looks like a Taiwanese JM De Guzman!

Love O2O (China)
Heeee, Im squeeing while typing this. Love O2O is the type of drama that makes you feel giddy just by the thought of it. Its the longest (in terms of number of episodes 30 eps omg) drama I watched but I devoured this like theres no tomorrow. Almost all of the dramas I watched in 2016 are top-notch. This one, however, isnt the deepest, smartest drama written but its definitely the most kilig. Like omg-cant-breathe-Im-so-giddy kind of feeling. Yang Yang is perfect as Xiao Nai, the ultimate drama stalker boyfriend. I love love love Zheng Shuangs Wei Wei too shes smart, sassy, and unaware how pretty / cute she is which makes her a hundred times more adorable. Ive never seen a couple as healthy as these two. Yes there were conflicts and petty problems here and there but what I like is that they actually talk about it. Like normal people. Theres no jealousy and misunderstanding because they trust each other. And of course, given their looks, brains, and winning personalities, theres no room for insecurities either. Xiao Nais friends + KO made me love this drama even more πŸ™‚ My face hurt from too much smiling because of this. Watch it!!!

Lucky Romance (Korea)
If were friends on twitter and mydramalist, you probably saw me spazzing over Ryu Jun Yeol (hi, header!) since I finished Reply 1988. I might just found my favorite, favorite Korean Actor. If you ask me a year ago, Id say Yook Sungjae because I love the boy to bits but he isnt in RJYs league (yet) in terms of acting. I watched it because of Jun Yeol of course because I didnt like the female lead (Hwang Jung Eum) anyway. Ive always been vocal that I never liked old(er) actors and actresses, but this one is an exemption. She may not be pretty in my eyes, but she actually grew on me. I love her voice! The plot is ridiculous but the OST makes up for it, I guess. And Jun Yeol gaaahh. He can be on this drama alone and this will still be awesome. I loved him in Reply 1988 but I personally think that Je Su Ho is his best role so far. His acting abilities are top-notch, especially since there were so many scenes that were ad-libbed. RJY can do both drama and comedy excellently, he just ~*shines*~ in this drama. Not a lot of people loved the show because its silly, yes. But if youre watching this for Jun Yeol, I promise you, its worth it. You wouldnt believe how many times I repeated several scenes over and over.

Oh Hae Young Again (Korea)
This was mentioned in my previous post and I initially declared this as my favorite KDrama (until Reply 1988 came along~). But still, I love this to death. I even considered buying the original DVD! The leads are awesome, most especially Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Mi Kyung. The chemistry is sizzling hottheir kiss scenes are the best ones Ive seen in dramaland. EVER. One does not forget about that kiss in episode 9, good lord. It was so intense and emotional that I felt like I wasnt breathing the whole time. Like what Ive said, older actors/actresses tend to bore me, but not in this one at all. I even shipped Eric and Seo Hyun Jin in real life because of their undeniable chemistry on AND off screen (also which is why I was heartbroken a few weeks ago when I learned Eric is dating a different girl), even the other cast teased them because of it. Another reason why I loved it is because it made me cry and feel all sorts of emotions even if I didnt experience things our Plain OHY went through. I guess its because heartbreak is a universal feeling that even if you didnt have the same situation, the pain is the same for everyone. Arrrgh, I need a rewatch already. This has one of my favorite endings, too! SO. SO. SO. CUTE.

Reply 1988 (Korea)
This is my favorite drama EVER, after Mars (but its totally different all right). Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi, Park BoGum, Lee Hyeri, and of course, Ryu Jun Yeol, will forever remain as my favorite group of friends. The rest of the cast, I treasure SO SO MUCH as well! This drama makes me speechless because I love it beyond words. It made me laugh, cry, hurt, and love, for the whole 40+ hours I watched it. I promised to dedicate a whole post and not just a picspam. Ahh, feelings.

Soredemo Ikite Yuku (Japan)
Eita is my favorite Japanese actor since the early 2000s (wow, Im old). He still is, up to this day. I think this is an amazing drama albeit the heavy and sensitive theme. He has great chemistry with Mitsushima Hikari too. I should have watched this with my full attention on it, but honestly sometimes its painful to watch πŸ™ Not because it was bad, but because it showed how horrible human beings can be πŸ™ I didnt cry even though its one of the saddest themes Ive seen. It just left me with a heavy heart.


Coffee Prince (Korea)
I have a bad habit of not watching the last episode right away. So yup I watched 16 out of 17 episodes of Coffee Prince already. Please dont hate me but I really find it boring and I dont see the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye but I swear I love them both individually πŸ™ The *love* scene also bothered me because even though YEH plays a 24-year old, and GY is in his late 20s as well, I felt like its an adult with a teenager lover. And yep Im a bit conservative towards my asian dramas, heh. Anyway I need to finish this soon because I left it just like that. I miss my waffle prince, thats all.

N no Tameni (Japan)
Weird that it isnt as exciting as I thought. Or maybe I wasnt paying attention? Again? I love Masaki Kubota and Eikura Nana is okay, so Ill watch this one of these days. It hasnt been long since I started the drama but to be honest, I dont remember the plot at all.

Reply 1994 (Korea)
I liked Reply 1997 and I usually recommend it to everyone asking for good dramas to watch. Reply 1988, as mentioned above, is my ultimate favorite drama of all time. I should have watched 1994 before 1988 first because I cant help but compare! I didnt even have high expectations since some people warned me that 1994 is the weakest among the series. But if not for this comparison, I feel like its still a good show. I cried on episode 6 so thats when I know I can finally relate to the characters. I stopped at episode 9 but Ill make sure I watch this until the end. Not sure if Im rooting for Trash Oppa or Chil Bong. Whichever is fine, to be honest.

For my reference, I made a list of the dramas I watched last year. I also have a separate Asian Drama Ratings page!
Dropped (6); On Hold (5); Completed (19)

I now watch ongoing dramas (congratulations!) so some of the dramas aired on the last two months (?) of the year (Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Legend of the Blue Sea) will be included in my 2017 Drama List πŸ™‚

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