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One OK Rock Ambitions Tour Manila 2018

Guess who’s playing One OK Rock’s concert setlist non-stop since Tuesday?

Last Monday, I got to watch One OK Rock for the second time here in the Philippines.  Their first concert in Manila was in 2016 and I was lucky I was able to watch them that time, too.  I don’t follow them as much as BTOB, Seventeen, or even KAT-TUN because I’m not into rock music in general.  But their 2016 concert here made me a fan of their music.

Huge ad outside the Mall of Asia Arena!

Just a brief introduction, I actually disliked their new album JUST BECAUSE it’s in English.  I’m not sure why– maybe my ears are not used to it, or I felt like they sound so much better in Japanese, or maybe, they are not as unique anymore since most pop-rock bands sound the same to me.  So unlike the first concert, I didn’t “review” this time.  I made a playlist based on the setlist I saw on their Asia Tour but whenever I listen to it, I tend to get distracted by other things.  And since it’s in English, I just let it play on the background without understanding the lyrics. I even skip some of the songs and end up listening to the old ones.


During the concert I was SO UPSET that I couldn’t sing along! Especially now that it’s in English! A language I speak and understand!  I don’t know the lyrics at all (except for Wherever You Are and that’s in Japanese!).

The night before, I even watched live performances and didn’t pay attention that much.  I’m not even kidding when I say that ALL of their songs sound a hundred times better live.

Here are some photos I took (most of these are video screenshots) during the concert (btw, there’s something I’d like to say about this in a while…).  The production / LED lights / fan projects were amazing but honestly, even without it, fans would still enjoy the concert for sure.  Taka’s voice alone can fill the whole arena.  I can’t stress this enough.

We were seated at Lowerbox A.  I actually had some issues here because I was supposed to sit on the right (aka Toru’s side) but tickets were sold out, so this will do.  We were nearer the stage this time so I can see them better.  The photos look like they were too far, but maybe it’s just the camera?  I can see their faces more clearly now 😛


Ryota has a shirt on! Is this because he’s a Dad already? 😀

I told you the light shows were awesome! I don’t remember the lights being this beautiful two years ago! Not only my ears were blessed, my eyes were very pleased as well!

The crowd this time was more hyper and cooperative~ The moshing (please enlighten me, I’m not sure what it’s called haha) for Mighty Long Fall is successful! So happy to have seen it happen infront of me, huhu.  Taka looked happy, too!

I think there were more attendees two years ago, tho.  Maybe because the concert this year was on a Monday and the ticket prices got more expensive by at least a thousand pesos so many fans, mostly students, couldn’t go.  But from what I read on twitter, the fans are louder and more energetic this time.  That’s good to know since we all want OOR to feel loved by the fans!

Wherever You Are will never not make me feel emotional.  I was so close to crying because this song made me a fan.  Ha, I’m such a sucker for ballads / slow / sad songs.  Heee.

OOR obviously prepared a lot for this night, they even spoke to us in Tagalog! That was so cute, one of the highlights of my night to be honest.

If I were to choose my favorite songs (minus the old ones!), that would be One Way Ticket, We Are, and Take What You Want.  Ack, slow songs are the beeest.  Taka’s voice is just unbelievable.  I’ve been to several concerts before and those were of boy groups, but I’ve never heard ANY VOICE as clear as Taka’s.  It’s out of this world, I’m telling you.

I take back everything I said that I hate the new album.  Tsk, only Taka’s voice made me reconsider.  It’s so different when you’re listening to the studio version and hearing him sing it in person.  I can’t explain how I felt but all I know is that I could listen to his voice all day long.

Not only that, all of the fans who watched them live can confidently say that Taka’s showmanship is beyond words.  How can ONE person catch the attention of thousands of fans?  He’s charming, and mesmerizing, and oh, just in case I need to remind you again, he has the voice of an angel trapped in a rockstar’s body.  Heh.  I almost forgot Toru is my favorite.  HAHAHA.  Ugh, Taka, please stay in your lane.  Stop swaying me because I’m weak.

Hands down, the most emotional moment of the night.  Is it just me or does he look like he’s about to cry half the time?  Anyway, I’m not sure if other fans knew about this (I didn’t watch other fancams from their Asia tour) but during Take What You Want, there was a looong moment of silence.  Was this planned or did we just feel like Taka wanted us to stay silent before he sings?  Some got annoying because when it’s already quiet, one or two people will shout from the audience!  LOL.  But when the silence was almost too painful, Taka sang, and we all lost it.  Ugh, my heart is all over the place.

The boys also prepared a mini choreography for us, I couldn’t stop laughing! It was adorable! And I’m really glad they decided to include the songs from Rurouni Kenshin because they were obviously fan favorites.  They didn’t play Heartache and Hard to Love tho, so I’m a liiiitle bit sad.

In two hours, it’s over.  Just like that.  It happened so fast and we were sad to see them go.  Of course they had to an encore (heee) and part of me wished they were not disappointed with the crowd.  When Taka said “see you soon” before they left, I screamed my lungs out.  I really, really hope they come back.  We will wait, even for another two years.

Thank you, One OK Rock.  The two-hour show was more than worth it.  We will see you soon.

I mentioned this in the beginning of this post so I just had to say this: I apologize if I offended anyone when my boyfriend and I took photos and videos during the concert.  One, we got the tickets last minute and I didn’t see any guidelines AT ALL.  I know this is not an excuse and I’m sorry.  Maybe I was just used to other concerts where they allow videos and/or fancams.  Two, I know it’s distracting if you’re using cameras and phones during concerts that’s why my boyfriend gladly did that for me.  We’ve attended at least two Kpop concerts where he volunteered to take videos so I can fangirl and enjoy.  I thought that was really sweet of him.  This time, he liked One OK Rock and wanted to watch as well, but he’s not the type to scream and sing and shout, so again, he was the one who took videos for me. I document almost all the important events in my life through photos and videos, so it really is my hobby ever since.

When one of the bouncers came to us and told us that cameras were not allowed, I honestly got shocked since I asked the person from the entrance if it is prohibited. Like what I said, I had no idea. They gave me a go signal that it’s okay to bring the camera inside.  Two years ago, we were too far so I didn’t bother to take photos but since I’m in a pretty good seat this year, I wanted to savor the moment while recording it at the same time.  But the bouncer insisted that it was not allowed so we didn’t use my camera anymore.  I admit I did use my phone, though. I also saw people from my section recording with their cameras so we both thought that it’s all right.  I know it’s my fault for not having read the guidelines first but maybe next time, cameras and video recorders should be banned right from the entrance? I was more than willing to leave it outside if they asked me to.

Another thing… Some of my friends couldn’t go so I decided to post the videos on youtube.  Again, I didn’t know this was wrong because in KPop, we rely on fancams for events and concerts that we couldn’t attend.  So I thought I was being helpful but unfortunately I wasn’t.  Less than 24 hours after I posted 3 videos, one user commented (in a not so nice manner which saddened me tbh) to put it down.  I put it on private immediately.  I learned my lesson and I now realize that I should be mindful of the guidelines especially since Japanese and Korean culture in concerts are very different.

Again, I sincerely apologize.  I meant no harm 🙂 Hopefully, we’ll see OOR again the near future.  If you still have any concerns, please educate me 🙂

Now… How do we move on from this?  I’m still trying to figure it out.

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