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First Impression : Terrace House Opening New Doors


Finally! We have another season of Terrace House! I was obsessed with Boys and Girls in the City but I didn’t bother watching Aloha State because I honestly don’t see the point having the show in another country. Now that the team is back in Japan, I’m in! I missed all the commentators!

Ugh, I hate that I’m only writing about this, now that I already saw episode 12 spoilers. Episodes 1-8 are all available with subs on Netflix but you can find episodes 9-11 online, too ๐Ÿ™‚

The first part feels similar to Boys and Girls in the City, which I love. I have always admired the Japanese culture because everyone seems to be so calm and well-mannered. Even the bitchiest cast is nothing compared to reality show stars in Hollywood, lol.

Here are the first six members of the new season:

Ami Komuro (20, university student)

I…. don’t really get Ami -_-” At first I really find her funny because she always seem so bored, she didn’t care about anything or anyone, has no actual goals for the future, etc. Her remarks are demeaning, rude, and almost always negative. But I kind of liked her because at least she’s not pretending to be an angel of some sort? However, she gets worse. By episode 11, I was so annoyed because girl… playing with someone’s feelings like that…. Not cool.

Yuudai Arai (19, aspiring chef)

Hate is a strong word but I hate how we spent 8 episodes focused on this guy. He’s hopeless and the absolute worst. Not sure if it’s the editing but he really is lazy (very much like the old Joshua Garcia in Big Brother Philippines), annoying, and Ami was right– just plain cocky. Heck, EVERYONE was right about him. Taka and Shion did nothing but guide him and be good and patient towards him, but in the end, he still remained unbothered. I hate him so much. Aside from that, he wanted to get back with his old girlfriend when things between him and (spoiler) Ami (/spoiler) didn’t work out. Plus he has this weird fascination with his panda plushies. SO. CREEPY.

Mizuki Haruta (26, freelance writer / interpreter)

So Terrace House picks the best Mizukis? XD I love her and she’s pretty! I always wonder why the boys find Ami cuter? Ami is like the boring version of Minori– and Minori has always been tagged as boring by everyone. Anyway! Maybe Mizuki comes off as intimidating? She knows what she wants, has concrete plans and goals for the future, and most especially, speaks out her mind after seven cans of beee. Heeee. Drunk Mizuki is the best. Kidding aside, I love how she called out Yuudai, out of concern. Honestly, he didn’t even deserve that. Although Mizuki is really busy, she looks out for everyone. Which leads to her not looking out for herself ๐Ÿ™ She’s an intelligent and kind woman but when it comes to love…. girl, what are you doing? ๐Ÿ™ (spoiler) I have nothing against friends with benefits, as long as it’s clear from the start that both of you want a physical relationship and nothing more. With Mizuki, it felt like she’s so into the guy, despite being together for barely two weeks! She already imagined a relationship and a future which obviously isn’t the same for the so-called-boyfriend. I think she’s aware that he’s only using her for sex and she probably feels that they can somehow level up the relationship if they meet more often. But things don’t magically happen like that. It’s just sad seeing her get uncomfortable talking about it like she’s guilty. Her tears when Shion gave Tsubasa the lucky charm… she must’ve felt bad about herself, too. (/spoiler)

Takayuki Nakamura (31, professional snowboarder)

Probably my favorite one from the bunch. I swear the moment he shaves off that hideous mustache, I’d love him even more. Haha! He actually seems out of place in this group because the other 5 are all in their early 20s. Fortunately, he has good social skills. He speaks well, is responsible, and for sure the other housemates can learn from him since has years of experience in his field. You have to see the guy snowboard ack fans self He has all these amazing qualities and yet (spoiler) he still decides to pursue Ami? Hope this new housemate warms up to him because they look good together! (/spoiler)

Tsubasa Sato (24, ice hockey player)

The cutest, most adorable, most natural girl housemate. I love it when she laughs, she’s just too cute. But her insecurities when it comes to love breaks my heart sooo much. I hope she gets to see how amazing she is. You can tell that she’s a good person because of the way he treats his Dad. She has goals and is good in what she does.

Protect Captain Tsubasa at all costs.

Shion Okamoto (22, model)

Did a half-Japanese Harry Potter just enter the house? I had heart eyes when I first saw him because 1. He’s more than 6 feet tall 2. Has amazing skin and hair 3. Wears glasses 4. Has lanky, modelesque body. Ugh. Totally my type. Until he said that his main goal is to make the girls swoon. That turned me off so much because I hate arrogant people the most.

But eventually, Shion became a total sweetheart. (spoiler) This whole Tsubasa / Shion cuteness is a real-life shoujo manga. Handsome model with an adorable sporty laid-back girl? I’m in! It’s like the whole swooning thing he mentioned during the first meeting flew right out of the window. I remember tweeting he was too good to be true– he always says the right words at the right time. BUT EPISODE 12 HAPPENED. I don’t even want to talk about it yet without watching the entire episode but it infuriated me to no end. I guess you already know what happened. (/spoiler)

Btw, even Hansan is not this perfect. Please bring Hansan back.

Expect more Terrace House posts in the future. Haha, I love this show so, so much.ย  PBB can choke.

Ending the post with the best panel this season, and an all-time fave, Tori-chan.

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