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Asian Drama Update 2018 : Second Quarter

See mini reviews for the first quarter of 2018 here.

I haven’t watched a lot of dramas this second quarter because I focused on more movies and variety shows! I really enjoy watching Terrace House, Busted, SVT Club, and All the Butlers on a regular basis (and you have no idea how many times I rewatched Produce 101 S2 and The Unit performances).  There were weeks when I didn’t want to watch any drama at all. Ah, this drama slump is driving me crazy 🙁


Kakegurui (Japanese Drama – 2018, 10 episodes)

Now this is one craaaazy drama.  It’s cringe-y but I liked how weird it is 😛 Surprisingly, my brother recommended the anime (surprise!) when he saw a few episodes on Netflix.  I wasn’t able to finish it because real life got in the way as usual.  But one boring weekend, I was able to watch all the episodes in one sitting.  I can’t exactly say that it was brilliant, but it’s interesting enough for me to finish it.  The actresses were so great here, tho! It was an insane, over-the-top jdrama, try it!

Go Back Couple (Korean Drama – 2017, 12 episodes)

My favorite of the bunch, hands down.  It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me question stuff about love and life in general.  I was introduced to Jang Ki-Yong, a really promising Korean actor! Maybe it shows my age, but I love how it tackled adulthood and married life so smoothly, I felt like I was there with the couple’s journey.  There were times when I was rooting for the second male lead but I had no doubt in my mind that our main couple will get back together in the finale.   It was funny and heartfelt (the family scenes broke me) and I just have so much love for this show.  I’d rewatch it a hundred times if I could.  I started to appreciate Jang Nara and her acting skills a whole lot more as well.  Oh and of course who wouldn’t forget the friends, they were the life of the show! Shucks, I miss them already.

A Love So Beautiful (Chinese Drama – 2017, 23 episodes)

Can you believe I finished this in almost seven months?! It’s obviously not my favorite school drama because I dislike Jiang Chen 🙁 The last few episodes were too rushed as well so I found it hard to love it. I’m sad because I wanted to love the drama, but sadly, I just couldn’t wait for it to end 🙁 My boy Wu Bosong deserved better, tho. I don’t want to rant anymore because I already did it on twitter for the past few months and it always ends up with me hating the show and the characters. Gosh, as a fan of school and cutesy dramas, I am really sad this didn’t work out for me.


Come and Hug Me (Korean Drama – 2018, 32 episodes)

My love for Go Back Couple’s second male lead brought me here but I must admit, I fell in love with the teen counterpart, too! These kids are so amazing in their roles and I felt kinda as soon as the characters grew up, albeit loving both the leads. The tone of the drama is heavy and heartbreaking so I’m honestly looking forward to lighter, fluffier scenes 🙂

Are You Human Too? (Korean Drama – 2018, 36 episodes)

Well guess who fell in love right away with Are You Human Too?!  I’ve loved Seo Kang Joon since Cheese in The Trap (Baek In Ho huhu) so I was super excited when this was announced. I tried to watch Entourage before but it was horrible that not even SKJ can save that.  Anyway. I was blown away by the pilot ep, to think that it has ZERO romance (I’m a huuuge romcom fan lol). All the elements of the drama were well-executed and you just can’t help but be curious about the story. I can go on and on about it but for now, enjoy Seo Kang Joon and….. another Seo Kang Joon. We’ll never ever have enough 😉 I think I have to warm up to our female lead as soon as possible…

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Korean Drama – 2018, 16 episodes)

This has been all over my twitter timeline and while I’m not a huge fan of Park Seo Joon, I gave in and watched. Now I realized I’m just not a big fan of his character, Dong Man in Fight For My Way but Lee Young-joon, oh my god???? Can’t believe he could be this hot in suits??? Park Min Young has always been one of my favorite actresses and one of my favorite faces, too! Now I want to copy all her clothes and use them in the office! My mom doesn’t like reading subs while watching but she watched some episodes with me because she finds it cute and funny.


About Time (Korean Drama – 2018, 16 episodes)

I love BOTH Lee Sung Kyung and Sang Yun (he is my favorite Butler eventhough Sungjae is part of the cast LOLOLOL) so of I course, I just HAD TO watch this.  The pilot episode made me cry but the next episodes were a bit flat and boring.  Not sure yet if I’ll get back to it…

The Big Boss (Chinese Drama – 2017, 18 episodes)

Started watching this cute drama on youtube because I saw it on my twitter feed. Heeee. It has no actual plot, the characters are all over the place, the dubbing is awful, BUT I LOVE IT. Haha! It’s waaay more shallow than Love O2O but there’s something about it that makes the drama so charming! Must be because of the female lead as well? She’s beyond adorable! I love her! Hahaha. I hope I get to finish this soon 😉

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food / Something in the Rain (Korean Drama – 2018, 16 episodes)

I’m not sure yet if I like it– there were some cute moments and the leads are adorable! But I’m not super into it yet, especially since we get romance so early. This made me miss Because this is My First Life and Oh Hae Young Again because I love slow and intense love stories!

The dramas I put on hold on my first post are still on-hold, lol. I have a habit of dropping dramas lately especially since I don’t have to download a lot of dramas anymore.  Most of these are available on Viu, Netflix, and even Youtube!

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