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Asian Dramas 2016 Part 2

Before we end the first quarter of the year, I made a list of the Asian Dramas I watched last 2016. First part is here! 🙂 DROPPED Entourage (Korea) Just thinking about this drama makes me sad. I only got Read more…

Asian Dramas 2016 Part 1

It’s already July but I still can’t believe we’re past the middle of the year! Time to recap some of the dramas I watched for the first half of 2016 🙂 Funny how I thought I watched a lot already, Read more…

Twitter Updates

Happy Holidays everyone! How have you been? 🙂 I haven’t posted in a while because I finally got a job! *happy dance* But having work meant less time for fangirling, though.  I missed the days when I used to just Read more…

My Asian Drama Obsession

Asian Dramas* remind me of college days a lot, most especially my first two years in the university.  I started watching Taiwanese dramas when Meteor Garden first aired here in the Philippines last May 2003.  But I discovered Japanese dramas around Read more…

Intro Post

…because this blog is six years old already! But I never got to do it for this blog before 😀 So here it is! Hi! I’m Marianne, a 24-year old fangirl from the Philippines. <3 i'm a fangirl for the Read more…

To Me


(song starts at around 2:00 :D)

Aww I used to ship Eita and Ai Otsuka because of Tokyo Friends. They have such believable chemistry onscreen!

I memorized this song a few years ago because one of my dreams was to be the vocalist of a Jpop band like Survival Company LOLOLOL. Up to now, I still know every word of this song :3 Haha. OMG. One time, one of my friends asked (jokingly I think?) me if I could be the vocalist of *our* band for Comic Con. I should have agreed! HAHAHAHA.

Oh well frustrations XD


After who-knows-how-long, I visited Asianfanatics, just because I want to see recent pictures of Barbie Xu.  I missed that girl a lot, and though I love her very much, I am not that interested in her ongoing drama, Summer Bubbles Read more…