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Movie Reviews : January to March 2014

A bit late for this, eh? I used to manually write in my planner the movies and TV shows I watch, but luckily, there’s imdb!  My movies and shows are now organized plus I get to rate them and see other Read more…

Movie Rant: Talk Back and You’re Dead

  I will try to be as objective as possible so I can give you a decent movie review. …Not.  So many things are on my mind right now and the best way to get rid of them (hopefully!) is Read more…

The Fault(s) in The Fault in Our Stars : Book and Movie

*** See, I’m 24 years old already but I’ve always thought of myself as very very shallow. LOL. I get giddy, sad, happy, and frustrated easily. I’m very easy to please, tbh. So I’m not quite sure why everyone else Read more…