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Movie Reviews : January to March 2014

A bit late for this, eh? I used to manually write in my planner the movies and TV shows I watch, but luckily, there’s imdb!  My movies and shows are now organized plus I get to rate them and see other Read more…

Twilight Movie comments

OKAY, so I watched Twilight last Saturday.  Here are a few comments: 1. All the vampires look like an espasol -_-” WTH is wrong with their makeup artist? *_*

This is like, totally random XD

….WTF. -_____-“ sorry, spam XD *** …currently watching Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (the Papa is so funny hahaha) and, um, ano… Kato Shigeaki is cute. ♥ OHNOES. And I just found out that it’s his birthday TODAY *_* NO, Read more…

Do I dazzle you? ♥

T____T WHUT. DUES PV had been out, as well as Cartoon KAT-TUN’s preview of Kame and Ayase (EEEEEEEEE♥♥). Thanks boycottbananas and zaizairabu for posting those awesome pics. ♥ Too bad I wasn’t able to watch/ download them these past few Read more…

Tagged. :D Letter Meme.

Because Francine (zaizairabu) and Ysa (kawaiiysa) tagged me 😀 5 things that start with K and 5 things that start with D ^_^ Ang hirap mag-isip ng 10 e, sorry T_T 1. KAT-TUN.  So far, my favorite Japanese boyband ♥ Read more…