This is it!

I finally moved!! New blog, yay! :) HTTP://TOTALLYCLUELESS.CO/ I still have to fix a lot of stuff esp the layout + links + pages but it's finally working :) Started this about six years ago for fun, I just needed a space to rant and rave fangirl-y stuff that I can't share with my friends in real … Continue reading

iPhone Blogging

So excited to finally get a new phone (iphone 6 gold is so pretty!). Installed the wordpress app right away and I was thrilled how convenient the rich text editor is! Ugh Tumblr, still waiting for this kind of upgrade! Anyway, since I have the app on my phone now, it would be easier to blog and … Continue reading

Shameless Plug

In Between Dreams - personal blog, Tumblr. Locked Heart - fandom blog, Tumblr. Mostly reblogs. A little bit of photoshopped pictures, screenshots, picspam, typographies, etc. Level of Significance - fandom blog, Wordpress. I have this since 2008 where I post anything fandom-related. Twitter - … Continue reading

Intro Post

...because this blog is six years old already! But I never got to do it for this blog before :D So here it is! Hi! I'm Marianne, a 24-year old fangirl from the Philippines. <3 i'm a fangirl for the most part of my life; other parts include working, eating, and sleeping, LOL. Obviously, … Continue reading

AI Finals!

Like what I predicted, it's.. DAVID VERSUS DAVID in the American Idol Finals~! Kakkoi yo~ :D I never liked Archuleta, though his voice is like whoa awesome. I am also not a fan of Cook, but when I heard his You'll Always Be My Baby version, gawd, I became a fan instantly. LOL. Wonder who'll win. … Continue reading