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Short Fandom Update

* As you may all know, Chord Overstreet aka Sam Evans will not be returning on Glee for Season 3.  I am beyond furious!!!!!!! I love Sam (and Chord T_T) and I hate the fact that he wasn’t chosen to Read more…


After who-knows-how-long, I visited Asianfanatics, just because I want to see recent pictures of Barbie Xu.  I missed that girl a lot, and though I love her very much, I am not that interested in her ongoing drama, Summer Bubbles Read more…

another useless post

• Before anything else, this interview (!!!!!!!!!!!!). I love♥ Jin loves talking about Nakamaru A LOT, doesn’t he? XD~ Nakanishi ♥ • Currently watching: Hot Shot (ep7, twdrama), Boys Over Flowers (ep16, kdrama), and Taiyou no Uta (ep1, jdrama) Too lazy Read more…

IRYU, Anego

It’s been a while since I posted about the dramas I’ve been watching. How I miss 🙁 Anyway, I’ve only finished 2 jdramas since i dunno, January?  I have watched a lot of jmovies, though. \8D/ 1. IRYU – Team Read more…



MARS japanese version? *rumor*

Horikita Maki as Kira  (Qi Luo)  and AKANISHI JIN as Rei (Chen Ling)????? >_< WTF. I wouldn’t mind if it’s Matsuda Shota or Hayami Mokomichi or Oguri Shun (!!! :D) b-but JIN?!?! WHY?!?!?! DDD: I love Jin but he CANNOT Read more…

“I can taste your sweet lovejuice :)”

* HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN! ♥ * Kame is so gay. XDDD And I still hate his hair T____T It’s ugly. Eww. * F4’s Japan concert! O_O I want I want. * Chun is going to visit my country this coming Read more…

Don’t U Ever Stop PV ♥

I’m SUPER late, I know XD ♥ Just a few comments XD