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Asian Dramas 2016 Part 2

Before we end the first quarter of the year, I made a list of the Asian Dramas I watched last 2016. First part is here! 🙂 DROPPED Entourage (Korea) Just thinking about this drama makes me sad. I only got Read more…

Fandom news :)

Third post for the day DDD: Japan: Eita’s first rumored romance~! Err.. um, yeah.  It’s not Ueno Juri, but I’d still be happy if it’s true XD FINALLY. 😀 4 NEW EITA MOVIES!! EEEE. I can’t wait XP ♥

Favorite Asian Dramas

Miss Dian miss_dian posted her favorite dramas so I made my own list too 😀 In no particular order.. [Except for #1. :P] 1. Mars – so far, Mars is my favorite drama overall.  It is a Taiwanese drama and Read more…

Just a few fangirl-y stuff

I realized that I don’t like Horikita Maki that much anymore.  I only love her when she’s with Yamapi.  I am annoyed by her acting as Ashiya Mizuki in Hana Kimi but I do love her as Nobuta in NwP.  Read more…