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another useless post

• Before anything else, this interview (!!!!!!!!!!!!). I love♥ Jin loves talking about Nakamaru A LOT, doesn’t he? XD~ Nakanishi ♥ • Currently watching: Hot Shot (ep7, twdrama), Boys Over Flowers (ep16, kdrama), and Taiyou no Uta (ep1, jdrama) Too lazy Read more…

LIFE: A+ jdrama~

Highly recommended jdrama! 😀 Download: LIFE- Mika Nakashima, good song 🙂



Don’t U Ever Stop PV ♥

I’m SUPER late, I know XD ♥ Just a few comments XD

No matter what happens, we’ll keep on shining..

LSS: Rush of Light by KAT-TUN ^_^ Such a cute song.  Sounds anime-ish 😛 *** MARU IS NOW IN COLLEGE! o(^_^)o I’m so happy for him! *hugs Maru* I finished 14 Sai no Haha and I think it was such Read more…

CKT eps 49-50

..were probably the funniest and silliest Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes XD I declare my love for Akinishi Jin now. Haha! I was laughing the entire time :)) Yuu-kun KAWAII O(≧∇≦)O And aww Nakamaru, you poor thing ^_^ I need download links! Read more…

Dear fandom, I miss you :(

School sucks. I hate college. Too many dramas unwatched.  Too many unread entries as well. I miss watching Cartoon Kat-tun. I miss Nakamaru and Junno’s baka-ness XD I miss seeing Kame-chan.  Btw, his birthday is coming.  Kame baby is turning Read more…

Blue Tuesday

.. is currently my favorite KAT-TUN song. It’s a ballad and it’s so beautiful! I LOVE IT. Just like Precious One. The lyrics are beautiful too. Quite depressing though. I love KT when they actually sing. I’m not so sure Read more…