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Is that for real? O_O

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Mikoshiba Toru (Rookies) = Okuyama Masumi (Nodame Cantabile) ? O______________O GOOD JOB, GOOD JOB.♥ Gah. I didn’t notice u_u I’m such a losarr. Aww, he’s adorable in Rookies ♥ I’m now on episode four 😀 YAY. And he’s my Read more…

Rookies: first episode

I  am done with the first episode of Rookies (which is really long, btw O_O), a jdrama about baseball, a teacher ala-Yankumi, a group of delinquent students, etc. You get the picture.  Another school jdrama.  I think most of the scenes Read more…