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LIFE: A+ jdrama~

Highly recommended jdrama!Β πŸ˜€ Download:Β LIFE- Mika Nakashima, good song πŸ™‚



Dear fandom, I miss you :(

School sucks. I hate college. Too many dramas unwatched.Β  Too many unread entries as well. I miss watching Cartoon Kat-tun. I miss Nakamaru and Junno’s baka-ness XD I miss seeing Kame-chan.Β  Btw, his birthday is coming.Β  Kame baby is turning Read more…

Blue Tuesday

.. is currently my favorite KAT-TUN song. It’s a ballad and it’s so beautiful! I LOVE IT. Just like Precious One. The lyrics are beautiful too. Quite depressing though. I love KT when they actually sing. I’m not so sure Read more…