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Meeting Guam supermodel, Jiro Wang nearly drools

Elizabeth Rondall is soooo lucky! *sniff*

jiro wang has been romance free for 3 yrs, but good luck has finally caught up to him. in “it started with a kiss: the sequel”, he finally leaves behind his one-sided love for ariel lin, meets a mixed-blood hot girl, and give away his first kiss on screen (WAAAH. my heart โ™ฅโ™ฅ.). director winnie qu is nice enough to help jiro pick a 17 year old guam supermodel elisabeth rondall. jiro almost drooled when he saw the beautiful girl. elisabeth replies by shyly commenting that jiro is “really cute”.

the media made a big deal about band member wu zun’s 9 yrs w/o a girl friend, but although jiro hasn’t gone as long w/o a girlfriend, he thinks he is even more pitiful. “please, wu zun has so many girls to love in his dramas, but what about me? i don’t have anyone to love in dramas or in real life. my heart and mind is very empty!

when jiro arrived in guam yesterday, joe and the crew (been shooting for 4 days) all scowled jiro saying that he got fortunate. although jiro says he is not the type to fall in love at first sight and pretended to say nonchalantly: “okay la~” when he saw elisabeth, he was caught stealing glances at her by the reporter.

in reality, jiro is very thoughtful towards his first-time on-screen partner. before they met, he went out of his way to buy her a flower hair accessory as a meeting gift (thst’s soย  sweet โ™ฅ). but for their first scene together, Jiro grabbed and screamed at elisabeth, scaring her in the process. as a result, he wasn’t sure when would be the best time to give his gift. elisabeth said afterwards that in real life if a random stranger screams at her, she would slap him on the face.

elisabeth is a very famous model in guam. her mom is chinese, so she can speak a little bit of chinese. she will be going to taiwan to shoot the remainder of the drama. she loves to eat taiwan’s oyster pancake, and used simply taiwanese to tell jiro to teach her to speak taiwanese.

when she first met jiro, she thought he was only 19 years old, making the 25 year old jiro super happy. in the future, the two will film kissing scenes and have their 1st on-screen kiss together. but she is only 17, so he will be guilty of seducing a minor (LOL. i’m 17 roo! so? hehe.). jiro laughed and replied that: “with director winnie’s rate of filming, she will be 18 by the time we get to filming the kissing scene.

I don’t like her at first, I thought the girl looked like Vivian Hsu (btw, Vivian Hsu is one of Jiro’s many crushes ๐Ÿ˜›), but when I watched this, I think the two of them look good together ^_^ (and Jiro’s english is sort ofย  *improving*. he looks more comfortable now ๐Ÿ˜›)

Finally, Jiro will kiss a girl in a drama! YAY. i’m so excited for him ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • jiro wang is so cute!!!!!!! He’s realy charming!!!!! Hope to meet you soon!!!!! mwaaah!!!! Goodluck to your career and to your love life!!!! More power to Farenheit!!!

  • I felt so sorry for Jiro reading this. Why does Wu Zun get all the romantic roles, and Jiro’s always the guy used for comic relief? I look foward to seeing ISWAK2 now to see how this goes ^^

  • Hello Iris. We have the same thoughts about this. Chun may have a pretty face but Jiro’s acting >>>> Chun’s acting right? ๐Ÿ˜€ He SHOULD have more serious roles in the near future XD We’ll look forward to that ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Dont you worry guys in Jiro’s and Rainie’s new drama, LOL they are the love team in the story….ha! ha! ha! Looking forward to it!!!!

  • Really? Well even though it hurts my feelings, I’m still happy, because Jiro already reached his dreams. To be an actor with a great partner, and to be succesful also in his love-life. Now, Jiro’s heart is no more broken, and it’s better than his usual. I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT YOU DA DONG! GOD BLESS, AND TAKE CARE ALWAYS.

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