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It is amazing to believe that WANG DONG CHENG (Jiro Wang), as stern as a cow, is actually afraid of cows. The most amusing is that while Jiro was filming for a drama in Guam, he encountered a cow. After much persuasion from the media, Jiro suddenly became “girly”, twisting his body and was reluctant to take a picture with the cow. The foreign localist also laughed and told him in English, “Go closer. It’s just a cow.”

Speaking the truth, when Jiro was younger he fell from an ox. To this day it is still a very dark shadow for him. Back then, he went to a nearby village to hang out, and an old man told Jiro that riding on top of a cow is fun. He lifted Jiro up on top of the cow. Before Jiro could experience the noble fun he fell down and it had really hurt him. From then on whenever Jiro sees cows he will immediately run to the other direction.

Source: http://udn.com
Translations by Scarlett @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum

it must be really hard for him to pose beside that carabao ^_^


this one is a very sweet article because it involves Jiro’s mom 🙂 the two of them are so lucky to have each other, right?

Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang’s thriftiness becomes a habit: Walk until leg ache in order to save money

Wang Dong Cheng made use of the free slots between promotions to shop Tokyo’s Biao Can Street

Fahrenheit’s Wang Dong Cheng, whose thriftiness has become a habit and every month will only restrict him-self to 5 thousands dollars of expenditure, this trip to Tokyo for the promotion of GTV’s ISWAK, more than 200 over thousands of Taiwan dollars are ‘eaten’ up just on the celebration dinner alone. He mumbled for the whole afternoon, telling the reporters, “Ho, luckily I am not paying this, if call me to pay, I may cry right on the spot.”

This half a year, Wang dong Cheng have been rushing the filming until he’s being described as left with “a spirit and a soul”, planed to have a good shopping before reaching Japan, but to him, the price of the Japanese goods are too high, what he wish to buy most is boots, but his budget is only 2 thousand dollars. Yesterday, he said helplessly, “Even those goods selling on the streets starts from 4 thousand plus, and in shopping malls, it’s more than ten thousands, I really couldn’t buy it without feeling guilty.”

He can only shop the cosmetics shops, in the end the staff that went with him saw him running within a few shops non-stop, and asked him curiously what on earth he’s doing? He said, “I’m comparing prices lar.” Actually those are some things, and the prices don’t vary much, but Wang Dong Cheng insisted to compare the prices between 3 shops, and end up saving 10 dollars and walked till his leg aches.

However, before leaving Japan, Wang Dong Cheng still steeled his heart and bought a bag worth 15, 000 dollars for his mother, treating it as Mother’s Day Present. He admitted truthfully that spending so much money make his heart aches, but, “Mum is too tired out, and I normally do not have the time to accompany her, so I must buy something to show my sincerity.”

Wang Dong Cheng see the fish and still want to play kiss kiss

When Wang Dong Cheng’s mother received the present, he choked her tears and told her son, very touched. When Wang Dong Cheng mentioned this matter yesterday, his voice also became (rarely) softer and softer, saying, “Mum said it reminds her of my father.” After saying, he immediately acted like a clown, “Did you see me playing kiss kiss with the fish?” revealing the side of him like a child that grew up in a single parent family and yearning for family love.

Translated by Tiffany aka tiffon

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  • Jiro Wang is truly an admirable person!!! The rest of the Fahrenheit guys are all rich though Jiro is earning much he still keeps reign in his budger!! Wow, you’ll get super rich before you turn 30…..

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