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I know a lot of people didn’t like Sapuri…

I just finished 5 episodes of Sapuri♥ OMYGOD KAMEEEEEEEEEEEE♥♥ Ishida Yuya♥♥

I seriously don’t like older woman-younger man relationships before (except for Shin-Yankumi LOL) but Ishida x Fuji? ILOVETHEMVERYMUCHKTNX. 🙂 and this isn’t just about love, but also friendship and work and family and other important things 🙂 i thought i will get bored because it is an office drama, but i actually liked it even though i can’t relate that much XD im still in school you know.  but i love each character and how they affect one’s lives.  the cast is pretty good.  i like ENJOY man’s daughter, she acts mature for her age. and Kame, omygod how can he be so adorable in Sapuri? *melts* IMO, he’s not that good-looking, especially when compared with other actors BUT he surely is a good actor! in NwP, i loved Akira’s character more since he’s jolly and crazy while Shuji is serious.  here in Sapuri, Kame is hmm.. both? he can act very childish and bubbly in this scene and be serious again in the next scene. *sigh* and Ishida reminds me of Chen Ling XD because of the hair maybe. and the white shirt and sometimes the red jacket XD Vic and Kame don’t look alike at all, but still.. haha, anyway… im talking too much XD more Kame rant later when I finished the drama 😛

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