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I really laughed when I saw some of the terms that people use in search engines to research about someone/ something and they end up reading my blog XD

Some of them are rumors about Yamapi and Maki. Vic and Barbie’s breakup. Rumored girlfriends of this and that actor blahblah. Chun and Ella’s upcoming movie (SERIOUSLY??? I don’t have any idea about this!) and the one that made me LOLed so hard is this: Jiro Wang nose job. WTH? HAHAHAHAHA =))

LOL Fangirls. I don’t know what to say XDDD


ikuta toma and maki horikita dating (really?)

horikita and maki and rumor (oh. so horikita AND maki are different people eh? :P)

when does shin tell yankumi he likes her (excited fangirl)

watch love scenes, korean movies (love scenes???)

jiro wang speak english (aww Jiro)

korean dramas frog prince (ehhh? Korean?)

ayase haruka engagement (with whom?)

chito miranda family life (stalker)

who’s chito miranda’s girlfriend? (WHAT? you still don’t know???)

kazuya kamenashi and maki dating (WHUT?)

maki horikita yamapi boyfriend rumors

who is kazuya in hanayori dango

michelle chen and vic zhou together? (NO WAY.)

horikita maki lovelife

LOLOLOLOL >:D will add more sometime ;O

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